Karrueche Responds To Chris Brown & Soulja Boy’s Beef Over Her

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  • Anthony Mitchell

    that last tweet LMAO!!

  • Ghostface-

    fuck im dead after that gay shit at the end

  • bushay914nyc

    Dam if i get rich im not with the fuck shit ill mind my bizz do me an ignore everything untill a mf pull up untill that im high an rich with no issues beef is wack unless u in the bura bizz shun

  • yolkipalki69

    she said you guys embarrassed her

  • Bigg steve

    Ain’t this the same girl that the game is rapping about in all eyes on you

    • Myleage

      nah Game didnt rap about her he said her name at the end of the track b/c Chris said it in his “Back to sleep” song and Game did the same on a whim

      • Craig

        why though????? I thought that was so weird.

        • Myleage

          The Game is weird. i thought it was funny. it lowkey matches the song tho lmao

          • Craig

            On the same song I swear he shout out bryson tiller even though it’s jerimih on the hook…or the other way around..the whole shit is comical

  • Renee

    It’s funny how everybody let “Game” talk shit about them, but… You will never and I mean never get a response back from no one, not even Rob and Chyna and they love talking s***!!!

  • kinglobey

    im dying at bow wow saying “im like TI” hahaha

    • Craig

      who may very well be his biological father.

  • Craig

    I thought it was a joke bruh…. they kissed and everything and next thing you know windmills… then they got affectionate again???? 2017 here we go!