Kanye West Took A Funny Shot At Amber Rose In Original Version Of ‘Famous’

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  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Use this version as the remix with Young Thug.

  • preppy pimp

    Amber said he liked his asshole played with and he’s owed sex? Damn Ye smh

  • Astronaut

    Hilarious. Shouldve said made that bitch fameless.

  • James Davia

    Nigga shut yo non rappin ass up you dropped a fine ass ex all natural stripper for a rich ass fake booty fake tatty havin ass bitch, only thing she’s good for is sex and IG posts you Wildin amber can get it I’ll wax that ass and that bald ass head wife her up so she can suck my Dickinson 24/7

    • Jules

      You sound like a hatin ass nigga wether you don’t like his music or him at all somebody does and we all can’t lie he’s changed the culture forever and we’d all be wearing slim straight jeans if it wasn’t for him..

      • James Davia

        Wtf is wrong with slim straight jeans and his music changed the culture lmao now when you say Lil Wayne or Jay z or Nas or Eminem or fab but Kanye the nigga raps about nothing like seriously some ppl worship this man aint nobody fuckin hatin I’m not a fan nor will I recognize his music as culture changing except for his college dropout album get real my dude

    • on a long enough timeline it was the right move to drop amber

      this broad would let one of us hit as long as we say slut shaming is not cool lol

      • James Davia

        Not if you got payper and you wife her up like wiz,but wiz cheated which I feel is stupid why fuck two little ass Asian twin wen she equals both lol

        • naahh b…you never wife a stripper. trust me…I live in atlanta and I have piped enough of them to know, chicks with those kinds of issues are never the types you want to start a family with.

          • James Davia

            But are any of them getting paid 8 million dollars to talk about sex on TV? None of emy are probably on the come up and they love stripping amber was a stripper that’s the difference.

          • peace of mind and solid family foundation without serious emotional problems > 8 million dollars

            I don’t know how old you are man, but trust me sooner or later you’re gonna have stories to tell about that one girlfriend you had that was sexy af, but was crazier than a fish wit titties. now imagine a chick that crazy times 100 and you have the average stripper. most of them come from terrible family backgrounds and deep issues that they carry for life.

          • James Davia

            Lol you speaking facts dog l, but trust me I know I’m just fucking around my wife is crazier than a fish with titties

          • hahaaa yea man…you get the full blooded craziness with marriage. ain’t nothing hidden after them vows my g

          • James Davia

            You ain’t lyin bruh the proof is in the pudding

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