Is Kanye West Releasing His Next Album Exclusively On Apple’s New Streaming Service?

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  • D Herb

    Jay will never talk to Ye again if he does this lol

    • Mike Donovan

      hey the nigga is chasing the acceptance of white folks and the devilish ways of his wifes family

      • señior October

        oh so that’s why “All Day” is the lead single. FOH

        • Mike Donovan

          nigga that shit is fucking garbage. I stand by what i said

        • Mike Donovan

          Fuck that… i look at the WHOLE body not a pussy ass single. Clown ass nigga

      • jay gittis

        who’s chasing acceptance more than jay z? mother fucker hasn’t made an inflammatory comment since “half a mill for bail cause I’m african”

        • Patrice Lumumba

          nigga you need to kill yourself… Watch the throne is all blackpower rap you prolly havent even heard the Jay electronica remix

        • Mike Donovan

          Have you ever read ” The Spook That Sat By The Door” niggas like you and the majority are waaaaay too fucking emotional right now. You niggas live your life like its fucking instagram. White folks playing the shit out of the Black community…violin virtuoso shit… Empire….. CNN and all these black killings sensationalized and its qorking on you emotional ass niggas on emotional whims like a flag in the wind. NO CONTROL Real niggas move quiet and stealth. Im not all the way Jay but the man is real, and he is infiltating that echelon that we need to get to by any means. While bitchass niggas like you call him out for a fucking rap line (really?!) while Yeezy…. a whining ass nigga with his emotions all on his sleeves will be relgated to his wife, her world and begging white folks to let him in the fashion world. You and Joe Williams who upvoted you are fucking clowns

    • Patrice Lumumba

      Nas said Jay had dicksuckin lips and now they smoke together

  • TheTrooth

    source: anonymous “chatter” and the use of the word “prominent”

    = ye is dropping on apple

  • Light Dat Blunt

    I hope that shit flop

    • OhRyanT

      Cause you are a hating faggot that has no life.

  • ITS ME

    anyone who gives a shit about this album needs to reevaluate their life

    • Tony901

      Ok i re-evaluated my life nshit, and i now understand that u a fuck-nigga.

  • “D”

    Nobody cares!

  • Brozart Musik

    It’s all about that bag boy!…. It’s the “Entertainment Business”…oh y’all forgot… Erbody trying to be a “real nig&@”…. I was born black… what’s realer than that?…oh and “All Day” is pretty dope actually…. for those who relate… I guess people really don’t know what ” Good Music” is.

  • Patrice Lumumba

    How this nigga leave the team for the Kardashians tho? when has leaving Jay Z worked out for anyone? Its just not smart business wise and who will be there when Kim divorces this nigga?