Kanye West Keeps Scrapping Pusha T’s ‘King Push’ Album

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  • SwagSauce

    They gotta let it out, or the momentum from Drug Dealers Anonymous will be long gone. Before cats get at me, I know Push has a solid fanbase and will be good regardless, but as a supporter of his music and someone who also wants to hear the project, they need to let that drop.

  • Killa Cam Newton

    Well he is a Producer first


    Kanye a music genius

  • Allen Smith

    Respect the work ethic but sometimes Ye can over complicate music and it comes out weird, keep it simple you just need some beats with a lot of bass, snares, claps with a mix of soulful melody

    • charlotte observer

      shut the fuck up armchair quarterback

  • Leekluv216

    Gotta be annoying to an extent. Shit is subjective anyway, nicca could have scrapped 3 classics by now. Then turn around and drop some bullshit because you think we like it. All you have to do is give Push some dark beats with heavy baselines and let that young nicca flourish!!!!

    • Myleage

      i though pharrell was supposed to be producing it anyway

  • Andre Owens

    the album is called Push so Ye has to keep pushing himself to the limit

  • Jesse Mccree

    If Ye gets it right the album could be worth the wait

  • Craig

    Study long study wrong nigga. Maybe put out a mixtape to see what the people like.

  • just another white nigga

    the problem with working w ye is he only makes masterpieces or garbage. you never just get a ok record.