Kanye West’s Fans Plan ‘Hey Mama Day’ To Mess Up Release Of Taylor Swift’s New Album

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  • LatarionMilton

    Man Kayne, Kim and Taylor need to gone head and have that ménage à trois so we can stop hearing about this shit

  • MartyMcFly

    Shes the johnny manziel of music. Stop giving this spoiled little white bitch attention


    Kayne aint got enough fans to do all that…

    • Ur Mom

      Haha dam true. He ain’t been good since college dropout

    • Matt Leon

      You kidding me? Kanye is a legend. Taylor has a large fanbase, yeah, but Kanye has been in the business longer so he’s got more loyal fans that have rocked with him and will continue to rock with him since he first started. He definitely has the fanbase to pull it off. It just depends on how many will be willing to be that savage lol.

      • OG C-NOTE

        Taylor has a much larger fan base and most of Kanye fans would rather listen to uzi vert than to listen to another trash ass song about bleaching asses. Kanye fell all the off, he is beyond garbage now.. just being honest

  • Astronaut

    Ye we need some more music

  • Earl EJ Thurmon

    Is it any way to share this to Facebook

    • Unfuck the World

      copy and paste the link or actually click the Facebook icon on the right side of the screen by the title at the top.

  • Unfuck the World

    I can assure you the bitch didn’t intentionally drop this album on the same day as Ye’s mom’s anniversary death. Swift ain’t that low. Ya’ll reachin extra hard for a click.

    • Matt Leon

      Agreed. Taylor may have said in this new song of hers that the old Taylor is dead but I doubt new Taylor could even try to be that ruthless. It’s not in her to be.

  • DaveyStoned

    damn kanye west fans are so fuckin wack. why do all of y’all gotta be such sensitive bitches?