Kanye West Explains Why He Got Taylor Swift & Friends Naked In ‘Famous’

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  • SuperNamekian

    Taylor needs to cool it. It’s all in fun.


    How sway?
    How did this nigga pulled this off?

    • grape_rello

      the answer is somewhere under his hat. we’ll never know

  • HotlineQueef

    lol that looks like a gang rape gone wrong so they let her sleep in the bed and will uber her raped ass in the morning

    • XLR8

      Gang rape gone wrong??? How do you have a successful gang rape?

      • CLOVER•


      • HotlineQueef

        well she probable pulled her back trying to escape or some shit so instead of the rape they settled for a long nap and fed her in the morning

  • bushay914nyc

    Thus nigga right here memg !!????? Bazerkonutz

  • drupp1

    is that dj khaled all the way on the left LOL!

    • Black Hippy 47

      That’s kanye

    • XLR8

      That’s probably the Donald Trump figure.

  • T guest

    A skinny azz bar covered up all her shitt.. I got bigger titts then hers

  • XLR8

    I get almost everybody but why does he have a figure of Chris Brown? Taylor Swift, smh… I’m so sick of that bitch, she always want to play victim and pretend like she’s hurt. We know these are not the real people and Kanye didn’t release real nude videos of them, why does she always have to take the low road?

    • CLOVER•

      Cause that skinny ass wax resembles her body lmao

  • Because a lot of the celebrities are dead puppets who were killed and or sold soul… The devil is content playing puppets all by himself being millions of people at the same time with one mind. The Revelation 17:13… if you don’t believe me yet just remember what I said lol.. cause everyone gets their proof

  • taylor feelin some type of wayy she should be thankful kanye showed off her stick figure lookin ass

  • BK

    the video is hilarious

  • Alicia Okeefe

    I’m starting to hate Taylor more and more…smh
    https://soundcloud .com/yungcochise/i-be-on

  • Anthony Mitchell

    taylor swift needs just just shake it off and get rid of all that bad blood between her and Ye

  • Brenda White

    if you need a plug on.
    Actavis syrup and xannies, roxies,
    oc 80s, adderal,addy, percs,