Kanye West Calls Out Jay Z, Beyonce, Drake And More

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  • Kingquazy

    Are we really just not gonna talk about the fact that Kid Cudi is out of rehab and performed with Kanye? Does drama really overshadow such an awesome moment??

    • Orin Johnson

      welcome to 2016

    • Myleage

      was this before or after this latest rant?

      • Kingquazy

        Same night, right before he ruined everybody’s night lol

        • Myleage

          oh wow. first wayne, now ye. two artists that i grew up listening to are going bat ish crazy smh

    • ilikemusic.

      i would’ve been content with that and left happily tbh. Hopefully we’ll get his CD on black Friday 0.O

      • Kingquazy

        See, you get where I’m coming from. But I would still be pissed though lol Can’t lie.

    • lottalameflows

      Cudi and Kanye = relevant in like 2009-2010 or something.. Dont nobody give a damb about no damn Kid Cudi

  • Hotline Bling? Where’s dat boy Hotline Queef

  • Astronaut

    I wonder how many “African-Americans” actually care about their history before slavery, yet alone even thought about it. Folks be like go back to Africa and shiit and Africa is one of the most diverse continents on the planet. I must say Im curious of my true origin being a black american slavery is the only history i know.

    • Shut ya bitch ass up

      • Trabiscayne

        Hahaha, COLD BLOODED!!!

      • Astronaut

        You aint shiit

    • Peter Kushing

      I wish the brothers would give props to the 364,000 whiteboy union soldiers that died to end the Civil war and slavery. Most Blacks in 2016 just generalize all whites of being devilish racists. Where’s the thanks to the whiteman? Sheeeeeeeiiiiit, Slavery might still be here today if not for Lincoln and all those honkey soldiers.

      • Craig

        But you call them honkeys after all that????

        • His name is Peter, hes one of those whites who get on here and act like they black. “The brothers” ” “most blacks.” U can tell hes white

  • Mec-One

    1st it was ‘why didn’t Jay come by the house’ after the so-called “robbery”. Now it’s ‘why didn’t Jay call’? I’m pretty sure Kanye has Jay number and Jay would have most likely answered the phone before all these stage rants.

    So Kanye is really going to put Beyonce on blast over something he heard ……. that he didn’t hear directly from her though?

    How he don’t care about awards when he rushed the stage when Beyonce didn’t win that one time

    Dude on some real sucker business ……

  • Leekluv216

    Im mad niccas still going to Kanye shows expecting different. This need nicca need Dr. Phil and a father! A stage and a mic should be his least of concerns. Smdh

  • Daniel King

    Is this guy 4 real what is up wid him? he needs to these stupid outbursts he is pathetic acting like a kid u a grown ass man

  • Je’sus

    Man I just want some yeezys on the 23rd

  • dhusu

    i’ll tell ya what this motherfucker needs. somebody send 3 goons to jack him next time he lands in a foreign country bet he won’t show his face for a few months

  • A Jay

    The picture used of Ye with a textbook lamooo tryna make him look white

    • KP w/the Dance moves

      Lmao…right. Because we all know white people are the only ones who read…#tfawkumean

  • Prredator

    Can’t believe i defended this guy in the more recent past on his behaviour. This is inexcusable. Anyone white washing or down playing this bullshit is condoning the insanity of this man. People paid this nigga to be entertained and he just gon drop the mic like that’s rns when their middle class parents wages paying for ya ugly ass children’s lifestyle. Couldn’t put it in a blog or interview? Or how about a song? lol i hope Big Sean gets outta there soon because ain’t nothing good about G.O.O.D. Music when this is what they pushin to the people.

  • Nick K

    I understand that the people there are upset about Kanye ranting, but c’mon…You went there to see Kanye. You can only blame yourself for this…

  • Lol shoe

    I give it to Kanye.

    He does have balls, he could very well ruin his Career / Rep even more. To the point that no one wants to work with him.

    Yet he doesn’t care, he is being himself. I’ll take it, I’m not a Fan of Drake lately. He isn’t the same guy I use to look up to, and drown myself in his music.

    I’m glad he is getting exposed tbh.

    but THREE SONGS?

    Nigga…at least perform like 7hits.

    • lottalameflows

      “getting exposed” You think Ye would be talking this trash if his records were getting spin? When “golddigger” was getting spin he didnt have no problems then

  • lottalameflows

    You aint got the answers ‘YE! YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS!! WTF drugs is this man on? He is so sorry.