Juvenile Arrested And Jailed

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  • Zero

    “If he doesn’t pay $154,000…”
    “Juve has owed his baby mama the money since 2012”

    So basically each month, he had to give her roughly 2,600 (I may be a lil off but whatever) a month. No way in hell she needs that amount to support her son. My cousin pays about $500 to his baby moms (food, clothes, lil extra things). He’s still in his son’s life and gives him personal money and buys him things outside of that.

    So how we go from needing $500-$800 to getting $2,600 a month? The justice system is just in favor of women all around it’s no joke. I think Future pays Ciara around $2k+ as well. They’re both rich so how tf does he have to pay that huge ass amount?

    • Manny Bravo

      Child support is based on income, not necessarily the child’s needs. The goal is for the kid to live a similar lifestyle no matter which parent they are staying with.

      • Zero

        Then that’s even more fucked up. So the mother can set around jobless or make the same (or greater) income and the father still has to be pay a huge sum? No “child” “needs” that much income a month regardless of who it is.

        • Manny Bravo

          Sometimes it’s the father who eats off the mother’s earnings, but yeah. People use child support as a hustle.

    • yea man, the child support system is a ripoff. until somebody with a set of balls actually changes the laws that shit will basically still be one of the lazy bitch’s main hustles.

      • Craig

        True but deez niggas need to stop getting these hoes pregnant if they don’t pass a g check.

        • right right cant deny that…how shit is today I don’t see how anybody is rushing to have kids or get married tbh. like man how divorce and child support laws are set up, the shit worse than a cash money contract lol

    • G.O.A.T

      I feel you. Juve should just do the 30 days then, fuck it

      • kushxchevys

        Lol hell do 30 days but child support is mando tp pay after he gets out still

    • Je’sus

      Based on your estimated salary. More you earn more you give.

    • Because the lifestyle the mom is into and most dads could win full custody but see this is when they rap careers backfire lol with the drugs etc it’s a crooked

  • Mr.Good Bar

    Where’s Birdman faggot ass at…..when one of dudes that helped him get wealthy, needs him???

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Yeen wanna pay child support ha… You sittin jail wondering how you gonna pay that bail ha… That income tax check gone ha…. You finna call the whole nolia and say its on if I dont come home ha… (You a paper chaser, you got the block on fire)

  • Manny Bravo

    Kinda ironic that a rapper named Juvenile wouldn’t pay child support.

  • LatarionMilton

    Supposedly Jayz is bailing out fathers this weekend for Father’s Day. Juvenile should be good Ha lol

    • G.O.A.T

      Lmao.. but some places dont let you bail on child support time or traffic tickets

  • Craig

    You got a subpoena for child support ha.. that was that nerve ha….. that nigga live his raps cuz… RNS all day. Time to go night night nigga.