Justin Bieber Comes For The Weeknd

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  • HotlineQueef

    the canadian bacon/canadian tuxedo aka the jean jacket ham eating ass holes are breaking up aww how sad. now i will have to choose between which dildo to throw away

  • Allen Smith

    All these singing niggas think they own their ex bitch lol

    • Wavy

      Lowkey but what the weeknd did was a hoe nigga move. You gonna fuck wit your ex friend and your homes ex? Like that’s fucked up.

      • Matt Leon

        Can’t say I wouldn’t have done that to a nigga like Bieber myself bruh lol. Plus I don’t even think them two was even all that close tbh. I think it was more of a matter of The Weeknd and Bieber was just friends by association anyways.

      • Allen Smith

        These celebrity chicks move like hoes bru they for everybody mane

  • iDONTFuckWitU

    Lol the charts say otherwise though.

    Don’t be salty bro.

  • My Starting 5

    Bieber should fuck his ex bitch. Now ur even.

  • HotlineQueef

    he should have said “fuck you nigger” i think that would have been best. trump runs the country now so its alright to expose the blackness of a nig nog nig a lig

  • Errybody KiLLa

    Why you flexin boy you don’t won’t know smoke –WOP