Is Jordan Brand Shading Kevin Durant In New Russell Westbrook Ad?

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  • #Worklife

    lol i think ya’ll reacing with this one

    • Grey

      Its a stretch not gonna lie but i can see the diss.

  • Haze


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  • Je’sus

    Nike civil war

    • sharon.rivera

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  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Lol, they need to stop making the athletes shoes. Everyone wants a shoe like Jordan, and there will never be a athlete to make a shoe to compare to Jordans. I personally don’t wear Jordans, but numbers don’t lie. Kobe shoes was trash, LeBron shoes was trash, Allen Iverson’s was trash, Shaqs was a joke, all and more were just plain horrible.

    • KawantA

      It’s because after the success of Jordan and his shoes, shoe companies thought they could do that to every major athlete with diluted the quality of the shoes. Your right besides Mj, there has been no shoe, for an athlete, that was actually fresh. Kanye’s Nike Yeezys were fucking cold tho, these adidas ones not so much .

    • Dom Brown

      All those ppl you named tho have popular shoes with the exception of Shaq they’ll never be as big as Jordan tho…well maybe Kobe might go up now since he’s retired

    • *Hits Blunt*

      LeBron numbers are way past lkobe sells.

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