John Singleton Trashes ‘All Eyez On Me’ As Disrespectful To 2Pac

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  • Astronaut

    He say, she say at this point.

    • Manny Bravo

      I know right. At this point, I don’t even expect an accurate depiction of 2Pac. I just hope it’s a good movie.

  • Rich blackman

    If he wanted to show Pac getting raped anything he say after that means nothing.

    • word…don’t forget this same cat also wanted to show a threesome scene wit afeni and some body else

      • allegedly .. Dont forget that Part. Who knows what the truth is.

      • sahn

        Liesssssss stay out the rumor mill

    • sahn

      That was a complete an total lie made up by the new producer’s to discredit singlton. Pac n him were friends. He’d have never done that. How u just listen to what ur told???

  • TKingLives

    He’s right.

  • Gsondagreat

    Movie was horrible, benny boom just cant direct movies