Joey Bada$$ Watched Swizz Beatz Make Insane Number Of Tracks In An Hour

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  • Astronaut

    2 me Swizz is an unorthodox beat maker, their just different and distinguished. Like T.I. Bring Em out and the Jayz Swagger Like Us (that whole album basically) just different sounds. He’s an OG for a reason.

  • Astronaut

    Boston vs Wizards. I have Boston winning yaw

  • Allen Smith

    Quality over quantity

  • ShrunkedEd

    Always thought this was stupid. Swizz has bragged about this for years. His beats are simple as heck, you’re just paying for the name. I think the best producers take their time and tweak the beat until they are satisfied with it. If you make a beat in 10 minutes, it isn’t worth the high price tag you put on it. It’s going to be simple if that’s how long it takes you to make it. It’s all politics in the end anyways. There’s hundreds of incredible underground producers that will never see the kind of money these guys make.

    • kushxchevys

      Nah zaytoven makes bangers.