Joe Budden Says Nicki Minaj Is Stupid Because She Likes Stupid Meek Mill

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  • Jonnae

    Joe Budden is stupid. He’s stupid for thinking that Tahiry was going to marry him. He sounds like a lil ass kid

  • damn he went all out lmao. let’s see how this end up

  • NaZe

    joe budden needs to get back to making music. fuck all this tv & podcasting bullshit. get back to slaughterhouse,or mood muzik type stuff again

    • eagors93

      hate to agree

    • PD36&1

      On the real,Joe budden coming off as a salty lil ol bytch plexing with a female and hatin on another man-trill spit.

  • BOny Soprano

    Relevant or not.. Budden will smoke that nigga

  • i actually agree with budden for the first time hes not lying nicki is a dumb bitch for being with a bum nigga taken L’s on a daily basis

    • Stavros Hölbling

      good people stay with their man/girl – nicki a good girl its her own choice being with meek and also she can slay any random rapper any day she wants. if this gets nicki out to record some stuff they can get back into their mousehole LOL

      • do you know why nicki got the last name minaj from lol if you think she a good girl and not a thot you need to rethink that

        • Youngflaco

          Her real name is Onika Maraj so she flipped it to Niki Minaj. Yall niggas be reaching sometimes.

          • moral of the story shes a slut we reaching for facts dumbass u need to learn how to spell her name at least before you defend her its NICKI MINAJ NOT niki smh

          • Youngflaco

            The same nigga that said “Do you know why Nicki got here last name from” is correcting someone elses grammer?? Yall niggas be funny as shit, typing in all caps prob hitting the shit out those computer keys, lmao!!

          • you’re fucking stupid i didnt even say that i said do you know why nicki got the last name minaj from lol wow you cant even read or type stay in school lil nigga

          • Youngflaco

            Moral of the story is you were supposed to have used ‘where’ not ‘why’ Einstein

          • i was asking a question to somebody else and i said do you know why nicki got that last name i didnt need to ask where stupid i know where she got it from lmao you’re slow trying tell me how to ask a question foh nigga go to sleep u got school 2morrow pendejo

          • T guest

            You act like she’s the only female out here fuckin lmao all these other females out here do the same thing she does. The only difference is that she’s getting paid that roll. You should like a jealous thot after what you just said lmao

          • idk if i should laugh at the fact you cant spell either or at how stupid u sound

          • T guest

            You should check your spelling too n the only person sounding stupid on these comments is you. Jealous over a female though, how does that work? Who was you trying to fuckk Niki or meek lmao safaree is that you????

          • nicki*

          • T guest


          • you’ll learn one day how to spell it’s okay bud

          • T guest

            Lol too bad your bad at spelling also. You just wrote that for nothing

          • you’re*

          • T guest

            Is that the best you can come back with? I can do that too. You* , and*

          • im just teaching you how to spell if you keep up the good work little feller you get a sticker & a lollipop 🙂

          • T guest

            Sooo sending other niggas a smiley face is cool to you huh

      • yes its her own choice… to be wit dumbass nuccas

        so you arent wrong lmfao BUT you also really didnt say anything

      • APBT

        She can slay any random rapper?
        Wtf? Who? Out of the ten female rappers whos been relevant in rap, nicki is number 10.

      • Scorp Productions

        Good people stay with their man/girl? That makes no sense. That would mean the moment you are with someone you’re allowed to do any type of sh*t without consequences. Regardless of the Meek and Nicki thing

    • Thatregulargirl

      But if she left him, she’d be called a disloyal thot/female/bitch. :/

    • T guest

      Lol you sound alil hurt lol but foreal Joe budden starting to look like a internet troll now and sounding like he’s been hurting. Plus even though meek took those L’s I guess budden forgot about the L’s that he took lol

      • all of them including you take L’s tho LOL

        • T guest

          You the one taking the L’s caus from being so butthurt like she left you for meek lmao

          • you cant even write a proper sentence without fuckin up lmao stfu kid

          • T guest

            I didn’t know this was school lol that’s the only thing you can even respond about cause you feel shitty lmao

          • it’s not but i think you need to go to school to learn how to write a proper sentence before you say anything dumbass

          • T guest

            Your sentences aren’t even correct so I guess your calling yourself a dumbass to smh your just hurt cause meek stole your dream girl. It’s ok just keep beating off to Nikki YouTube videos like you always been doing lmao

          • Nicki*

          • T guest


  • Miami_Mayor24

    Joe budden is corny. This nigga thirst for attention more than these Instagram thots

    • Just Los


  • ilikemusic.

    I want to see Joe Budden inspired. So yea I hope Drake goes at him on this French joint. I wanna hear jump off joe beezy go at Drake’s neck

  • AC

    Wow this nigga get lamer and lamer……Meek a street nigga and dont be smokin crack dats why

  • Yungn_rAH210

    Budden all in his feelings. Meek the only one winning tapping that pussy every night despite all the Ls

  • YoungPrime

    Yeah, it doesn’t just end with Meek though. The Safaree nigga being exposed as a grade A Fcuk Nigga which begs the question what she saw in him in the first place. And I believe him when he says that she would still texts him well after they split. She put years in with dude, so she was clearly comfortable with the fuckery in question. The shit Meeks does Twitter and IG is proof he’s not that much different.

    • T guest

      Safaree just trying his hardest to get under their skin cause how bad he got hurt when she left him for meek. Any other nigga would of moved on by now but he hasn’t. Even tyga moved on lol

  • YoungPrime

    Side note: Joe think he’s slick, he really just wanna a reason to release that Meek Mills diss track he’s been sitting on since last year.

    • T guest

      He trying to get his fame growing again on a nigga that lost last year.. Meanwhile Drake took a jab at him n all he did was run to twitter lol. He’s the new twitter fingers I guess

      • YoungPrime

        Meek must’ve heard you and countered, thus reclaiming Twitter Finger tittle as well as being a stupid nigga. CTFU!

        • T guest

          Lmao I think he did

        • T guest

          I just realised that’s not Meeks account

  • Andrew Shepherd

    Im just here for hotline queef


    Only time you hear about Joe Budden is when he beats a female up or when he’s tryna “beef” wit rappers when he’s not even relevant himself. He’s a lame fr

  • Hersh dog


  • Jamie Mcdaniel

    Smh, y’all r sum hating ass niggas, mad bcuz another nigga got a bad ass bitch. Joe buddens been a sucka ass nigga, getting beat up by nobody’s on reality shows, foh u fuckin noodle ass nigga. It b da same faggot ass niggas commented on here, broke ass no pussy getting niggas

  • Just Los

    Dude how TF is Budden gonna comment on niggism…. ever since I was a kid he been doin the stupidest shit one can imagine

  • C.Savage

    Don’t sleep. Joey gonna dice that canadian up..