Joe Budden Says Eminem Has Two Bad Albums

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  • DaBoss921

    Meanwhile, Joe has no GOOD albums lmao

    • SlimJuve25

      “DJ Akademiks called Budden out for protecting Em” so you going to shit talk someone that label Em a GOAT? since you feel that way i think this disqualify him from labeling him a GOAT in the 1st place

    • Bill Jansen

      Fail nigga joey nice as shit

    • YoungPrime

      Padded Room, Mood Muzik 1-4, Loose quarter, Slaughter House, On the House, Welcome to our house, Some Love Lost and Rage Against the Machine all range from okay to good albums. Otherwise Em wouldn’t have signed him with Slaughterhouse in the first place.

      Just because you’re biased doesn’t mean everyone is ignorant to real hiphop talent.

  • Whitedude

    I only came here hoping he meant 2 BAD ASS albums recorded and ready to drop. I’ve been disappointed, bigly.

  • The Incredible

    Relapse. Encore. Straight Trash.

    • Rome

      All his new shit garbage too though. Anything after Eminem show is trash as an overall album.

      • Rome

        I’ll let recovery slide though it was a little pop sound

      • The Incredible

        i feel you. I thought MMLP2 and Bad meets Evil(even though was a co-effort) were solid though.

  • ChiCity1988

    Who the fuck gonna listen to joe budded yall could of just named the albums

  • Ryan Rogers

    nas has 2 bad albums
    jay z has 2 bad albums
    biggie had 2 albums

    • Samisback

      lol I hope one of those two jay albums you’re talking about is Magna Carta because that shit was horrendous and this is coming from a huge jay fan.

    • Stephen A Smith

      Vols 1-3 are awful. BP2&3 are beyond horrible. MCHG is terrible.

  • Luke Anthony

    Y’all are stupid if you think that Relapse is a bad album. That was horrocore rap at its finest

    • ilikemusic.

      to date…Relapse is the most underrated rap album in 10 years

      • d1gord

        I admit that last relapse cd was ehh, perhaps I ran them accents into the ground. Eminem said it himself. Not underrated album

        • Jt Segur

          Clearly off drugs so he didn’t know what he was talking about. ☺

        • ilikemusic.

          That was damage control cuz people missed the concept. It was called Relapse for fks sake. What did yall expect?

          • d1gord

            And when he said “encore I was on drugs, relapse I was flushing them out”? Was that damage control? Those 2 verses basically says his worst albums

          • d1gord

            Also, relapse still sold 7 million. I’ll take a flop like that any day

  • j0rdan

    im tripping out at the pic. is that slim with multiple gold chains on ? lol

  • DaveyStoned

    nas only has 2 maybe 3 good albums and people consider him one of the greatest. jay hasn’t made a decent album since blueprint 3 and hes still considered one of the greatest. if em only had 2 bad albums that’s not that bad.

  • Jt Segur

    How can anyone not like relapse? Underrated af.

  • mood muzik 4 is joey’s only classic