Joe Budden Said He Would’ve Beat Up Cam’ron For Copyrighting ‘ByrdGang’

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  • You mad huh?

    Cam was wrong but at the end of the day its business never personal. Jim need to stop being so damn sensitive over shit that happened years ago.

    • Spookeysmoker

      Yea I’m a cancer to but yea cam a clown he a nigga that don’t value friendship

  • Ysleiro

    Cam clowned Jimmy after dude pretty much spoke from the heart. That about says it all.

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    So y’all don’t remember the “What Means The World To You” music video? I see now, the bulk of y’all don’t know shit about business. Jim Jones was rocking open toe sandals looking like a bum in that video. Cameron made Jim’s rap career possible. It was wrong for Jimmy to branch off without authorization. Cameron did the right thing to protect his label, brand, and reputation. Fuck Joe Budden & Pump It Up. And tears don’t look good on any man, tighten the fuck up Jimmy. I always loved that Emotionless song, but now I’m wondering if Jimmy wrote his part

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      Hustler’s POME was banging.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    I could always tell that Cam was someone you really shouldn’t fuck with like that…Def the snake type…Just look at paid in full, he played that role waay to well. You know why? He wasn’t acting……Just like Queen Latifah in Set it off. She made that lesbian shit look waay too easy, and we know how that turned out..