Joe Budden & Lil Yachty’s Argument Sparked Many Memes

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  • Astronaut

    Twitter gets a W for once.

  • Astronaut

    Who in the hell puts cranberry in Henny tho?

    • Donny Marshall

      Lol. Was thinking the same thing

    • Poopmaster

      I was like nigga what da fuck?

    • Alan Adrian Arbeláez Yépez

      dominicans from the bronx apparently

    • GED

      Only coke go in hen…. That combination don’t even sound right

      • Astronaut

        I promise

  • Cuban Pete

    Only people on Twitter would think Yachty came off best in that lol

    • OG C-NOTE

      But he kinda actually did tho…

      • Cuban Pete

        In world where wack = legendary then yes I guess he did lol

    • Poopmaster

      The sad thing is real hip hop heads kinda feel like Joe. Only thing is when we try to explain we come off pretentious and rude jus let these lil niggas do there thing at the end of the day …drake still a lil fake ass bitch who try too hard haha

      • Myleage

        there’s still kendrick and Cole and Sean. hip hop always had it’s wack MCs. Shoot, is lil yatchy that different than ODB? ODB was not a lyrical rapper and he was rachet af.

        • Poopmaster

          I agree with what you say, expect for comparing the greatest hype man (in my opinion) and realest thug ass nigga in NYC next to BIG L to a happy lil 18 year old kid, thats blasphemy lol. Nah on the real though ODB a legend WU is not the same wit out my boy, that nigga rolled up to pick up welfare in a limo cuh…a limo lol

          • Myleage

            yeah I know, dude was a fool lol. I may have been a little facetious. but i think you got my drift. I used to be a “hiphop head” but then I was like eff it, sometimes I want to have fun. I dont want to hear Nas when the girls are twerking. I dont want to play Waka Flocka when I’m studying. So let Yatchy be great. He actually is becoming a decent rapper. His verse on that young Dolph song was surprising. I just fear that type of music doesnt get too one sided. Drake use to have bars now his stuff is mostly the same wackness over and over. Old school wayne had tons of bars. Kanye too, but now he’s crazy. Shoot KRS-1 beefed with Nelly the same way Budden is coming at Yatchy lmao. I think Yatchy and Nelly are similar in style, but Yatchy is just watered Nelly

          • Poopmaster

            I feel you fam honestly I listen to literally everything but drake can’t stand that dude for some reason but I can’t ride to literally everything I won’t ever knock someone’s grind, hustle, Or finesse. I can understand your stand point like I said there is time for every sound. I was listening to that new Kendrick for a min and future too got burned out and now I’m listening to some pretentious hipster shit by some foo named “father John misty” it’s fucking dope though real psychedelic lyrical rants type shit. Point is there is a time for everything.

          • Myleage

            Future new albums are dope. I liked Kendrick and Weeknd and Trey Songz new albums too. Even Kodak’s new album not bad. Idk who father John is but I will check him out. Have you listened to 6lack?

          • Poopmaster

            Yea, that nigga dope too. Idk about Kodak black that too on another lvl…I don’t necessarily mean that as a good thing lol

          • Myleage

            I didnt think anything of him until I played No flockin in the whip. I almost swerved my car. His new album has like 3 songs that I like. So good may be an overestimation

          • Poopmaster

            I’ll check that out I’m not a closed minded person. It’s just all I see from this nigga is all these articles about him whooping on stoppers and future dropping him from the tour so I haven’t heard much about his music though lol but I’ll check that out

  • bawse

    Joe is just a salty old bitch. If yachty is getting money and people enjoy going to his shows, who cares? Joe wants to act like rap is being a technical rapper that makes shitty sounding music that nobody listens to, or it is ruining rap or fake.

    • Bill Jansen

      Lol says an idiot yatchy fan smh

      • Kahmad

        I’m not even a fan of Yachty n more so like Budden’s music but he is being a salty old fuck

        • Bill Jansen

          He mad but more mad that the little ugly mutant has a platform for talentless garbage.. Joe is Joe and his lyrics are top five

  • The King Of Armageddon

    These are by far thee worst memes in history!!! This was the best people could do??! Idk maybe it’s me (OLDHEAD!!!) but I understood what Joe was talking about. UNFORTUNATELY like usual, Joe has a way of being off putting when he gets extremely loud and use his words wrong. Let’s be honest, somebody needs to get Joe in therapy and anger management.

    Anyways if I was gonna make memes, I would have used when Joe attacked Yachty when he claimed he saw him smirking/smiling or when Joe tossed his cap and got all loud or picked him apart about his choice of art for his cover. Now that to me, would have been way funnier to see how quick Joe was to jump from 0 to 100. Damn, there’s another idea use that 0 to 100 track with clips of Joe acting ridiculous.

  • aud

    It don’t matter if they good or bad, it’s just not a good look hating on somebody. Even if you throwing valid points, you still a hating ass nigga either way

  • Option R Media

    YO!!!!!!!!!!! WHO THE FUCK IS JOE BUTTON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Budden is always worrying about somebody else, I’m sick of this dude. He can spit but clearly the industry hasn’t appreciated him the way he has expected and he’s turned into a bitter old rapper. Obviously Budden is more talented that Yachty, but not every listener is wanting to hear just bars. He thinks it’s ruining hip-hop but really it’s just another variety to rap/hip-hop that appeals to a different, younger listener. All I ever read now is him putting other rappers down for “ruining” hip-hop or stealing flows/sounds, not writing their own material, blah blah blah. Just do you, let them enjoy their moment.

  • Vulqn

    It’s stupid to blame artists for the types of music people like. Yachty is just giving people what they want. To be fair “real” Hip-Hop is still huge. Artists like Kendrick & J. Cole do extremely well. Tbh I think there is a hole in the market cause there are not a ton of great artists like them. But does anyone actually think that Yachty is taking away from those types of rappers? It’s not like they appeal to the same audience.

  • Sean

    Joey just salty he’s irrelevant in the game now, while wack niggas like Yachty are coming up.

  • youknow

    Idc what none of yall say that everyday struggle show is cool af and joe’s more relevant because of it

  • God’s Accomplice

    I respect Yacthy. He came to the Netherlands and told the dutch he’d rather eat straight out of a garbage can at a Apple Bees than eat the shit here.