Joe Budden Goes All The Way In On Migos [VIDEO]

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  • smith jones

    I feel hi he ain’t wrong . If you don’t wanna be here. . Why would I wanna interview you its that simple… this should not even cause a fight. . It’s not that deep

  • thorn416

    Migos had no business on those stools anyway, they clearly don’t like interviews so why not just do like Young Thug, Chief Keef, Partynextdoor, etc and skip the whole interview thing?

    Sidenote: Joe would have clocked 1/3 of them niggas, but then gotten stomped to sleep lol

    • smith jones

      I doubt it.. all.them people there security somewhere.. joe use to box so I’m sure he could defend himself long enough

    • NYCityKid

      Shleeeep lol

    • SlimJuve25

      Migos had no business on those stools, you’re are wrong business is the reason they was there; to collect a check, joe got mad cause he thought they wasn’t working hard enough for it no one would do that shit for free

      • thorn416

        Do you… actually think people get paid for interviews?

        Lol some people just love to argue online smh

  • NYCityKid

    Gassed it. He ain’t go all the way in. He said this same shit madd times already.

  • Astronaut

    Still fucks with Budden music

  • SlimJuve25

    lmao joe said i’m “I’m insensitive” well thats a lie, got to be sensitive to react the way he did

    • TRUTH

      Insensitive means he doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, smart ass.

      • SkidRow

        Why you gotta be so rude, asshole.

        • TRUTH

          Cause I’m insensitive

          • SlimJuve25

            got to be sensitive to react that way lmao

        • SlimJuve25

          it’s all good i’m not perfect, i’m going to make it work til i can’t, seem like the grammar nazis found us, next time i will be prepared

      • SlimJuve25

        still seems like they got more under his skin then he did theres, joe end up looking like the fool in this one how ever he wanted to spin it, his show an they got him to act unprofessional the way he did how is that insensitive, drop the mic an stomp off the set “i’m insensitive”- joe budden

        • TRUTH

          He didn’t come off looking bad to me. They were being assholes plus they said more happened during interview but complex edited it out

          • SlimJuve25

            maybe not to you but i’m not the type to wear my heart on my sleeve, people alway be high af not talking don’t mean they assholes

          • consistentlyinconsistent

            Sir alot of people have been high and able to talk and conduct business..not making excuses for 3 little asswipes..

          • Conner

            Mabey it is as simple as these guys should not have the spotlight that they do there music is fucking terrible it is not even english just a loud trap beat with some catchy non syllable word play fucking stupid joe budden is down with slaughterhouse a whole other level of real hip hop ya i wouldn’t want to interview any clowns like that piss me off

          • TRUTH

            That then raises the same question, why do the interview?

    • IssaMindState OGHash

      That’s not what that word means.

  • ▪Fresh2Death▪

    Eff the mumblers! I’m rolling with HIP-HOP

  • R.Tyler

    Joe budden had shown up to the bet awards in this day and age….who did he think he was gonna inteview? talib kwali?

  • Glow Light

    Joe can’t accept that the Migos are winning right now while he has to do the interviewing. Joe wish he was in their chairs and that’s the problem. People can’t accept that hip hop has changed and I am from the old school of hip hop as well. So I can speak on this. All these ole’heads need to sit down because their time is over. I enjoy old hip hop and new hip hop. Nothing can stay the same forever. Also as much crap that Joe has talked about the Migos prior to this interview he had to know that it would not go smoothly. They had every right to be in those stools because in todays time they are the biggest hip hop act. Also, I can understand everything that they are saying when they rap. If people don’t understand flow than they need to catch the hell up.

  • d1gord

    The therapist is a pretty good show. Freddie Gibbs one was great