Joe Budden Approaches Writer After Being Dissed In Article [VIDEO]

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  • yolkipalki69

    the writer looks like a fat Albert transvestite

  • imaginationsequation

    Drake fans are a different breed of people. That writer look like a mutant

  • DaveyStoned

    keep exposing all these frauds joey. And how is leaning against the wall letting someone touch on you and continuously call you a bitch a “power move”?

  • Lamar XnoXes

    If his disses were wack then I’d say the writer was right. But them jawns torched drake so Budden chillin.

  • Lamar XnoXes

    Fuck drake

  • smith jones

    Niceee.. I mean that’s the way to handle it.. if someone said I’m a failure at life and only crave for attention Id consider that disrespectful too

    • Youngmystery1

      Sensitive sensitive sensitive…..fuck someone else opinion of u…..people gone talk regardless…only way some like that bothers you….is because that’s how u already feel about yourself…and u hate the fact someone else confirmed yo low self-esteem

      • smith jones

        Noting wrong with confronting and talking to someone about a issue

        • Youngmystery1

          Bruh if that’s so much an issue that u have to take time out yo day to confront them over something so minute then u need to grow up….it aint like he made threats toward joe nor …smh this soft ass society kills me….and then he ran up on the softest dude in da building

          • smith jones

            Again there is noting wrong with confronting someone who is talking negative about you. . It happens every day at every job

          • Youngmystery1

            well hell he gotta a hell of alot of more blogger and writers and trolls to go confront then….but im done…its kool to agree to disagree….

          • Youngmystery1

            U right it’s nothimg wrong with having a conversation bout a difference of opinion, but he blatantly tried to intimidate the dude…..

    • Alex Delarge

      imagine if intellects acted like this…this is little kid sandbox bc. Grow up.

  • Mec-One

    Y’all know he wouldn’t have done shit but pressed charges and sued if Joe put hands on him ……. even with the cameras off …… cause all those punks at complex was shook ……. and akadumbiks is a sucka ……. I been saying that! Joe called him pvssy to his face and he didn’t say a word ……. smh

    • kushxchevys

      I didnt expect him to do much tho he dnt look like hes that type of person more worried about losing his job over an article lol

  • kushxchevys

    I wonder how much they pay him by the hr lol

    • DonCDaCapo

      Yo I’m pretty sure he get mo then the average mf

      • kushxchevys

        Lets hope so ..nigga gott punch in lol

        Nun of my niggas employers all of my niggas is loyal thats why they shine like foil

      • Bill Jansen

        Lyrically joe b is top five

  • bawse

    Why would complex hire such a washed up angry ho?

    • Bill Jansen

      U must ask why alot u probly dont understand much lol…his last album rage was fire nigga u like future an uzivert simp ass retard

      • bawse

        bra you so smart for listening to joe buddens man. What more proof do we need that you a genius? Its a wrap.

        • Bill Jansen

          No not at all i like other talented rap that makes u think idiot …u only like mumble trash cuz u not a thinkwr or cant understand it cuz u slow …now that’s it no more lessons and stop asking why he will get it if you need to get smarter till then go kill yourself

        • Bill Jansen

          Nah u lost b smh u wont ever get it idiot

          • bawse

            when i grow up i want to be as smart as you

          • Bill Jansen

            Nope no

      • FuckYaCommentB…

        Nigga shut DEE Fuck up!

        • Bill Jansen

          Sad lol keep being simple and satisfied with garbage but that’s probably all you can comprehend is the simp rap slow ass nugga

  • Errybody KiLLa

    Yoooo is that writer like a dyke or something?
    Looks like it

  • Dvillain.

    Joe budden is such an attention whore

  • Thee_One1

    Joey doing too much and should just chill.

    • smith jones

      He use to be a dust head. He said it himself

      • Thee_One1

        Hm interesting. I don’t think he quit

  • Ye’

    I feel you don’t agree with joe he act like a bitch

  • kinglobey

    need to run up on these HHE writers for dick riding

  • black adam

    joe attacking low hanging fruit here. nobody thinks youre tough for confronting some nerdy blog writer.

    • T guest

      Somebody needs to they’re getting out of hand

  • Youngmystery1

    Man get the fuck out my face with this lil kid ish….like whatever he said caused joe to lose any of his 6 fans

  • MasonLestat

    writers are squares who want to be part of the culture (alot of times)

  • Ja3s0n22

    They’re touching him way too much he shouldn’t tolerate that

  • John Blaze

    Is this a case of Mendeecees having his cake and eating it too? When Joe was working at Complex, was he despising Complex? Because if Joe was at Complex, was he also ready to whup a nigga’s ass at Complex?

    Welp, it was fun while it lasted. Joe’s career at Complex– Grand opening, grand closing. When keeping it real goes wrong, etc. etc. Pretty sure the big wigs aren’t gonna be happy with Joe running up on staff like this.

    No hate from me. I fucks with Joe the long way. He kicked Drake’s ass in that beef. Go listen to his I’ll Name this later podcast. Dude’s funny and his bars are nasty.

  • t-stupid

    He did dat fake shit cause dey waz recording him he could have just hollard @ dude one on one n dead dat shit ya heard me fuck joe fa dat one

  • Alex Delarge

    Whoever yells the loudest is always right….

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    This nigga tracked down fat pussy because if a artical and tried to go hard filming it but it wasn’t for attention? Please this hoe ass nigga wouldn’t even have his little podcast opinions on here if he didn’t go for drake