Jermaine Dupri Alleges ‘Panda’ Has Same Beat As ‘Fuck Up Some Commas’

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  • HotlineQueef

    i got balls in ya grandma, took a shit in her hamper,
    diarreah in the ass bitch, makes for a mean sandwhich. opium and lettus i had sex with a panda named amanda

    • Dundada


    • wheez954

      Suspect Bars.

      • HotlineQueef

        why the fuck you lyyyyyyyin

      • Spookeysmoker


    • ilikemusic.


  • Boril Milanov

    Isn’t Jermaine Dupri too busy having a dead career?

    • Ryan McCart

      Aren’t you busy dick-riding?

    • Killa Cam Newton

      Dead? Everyone else needs to catch up that nicca made millions will nelly alone and trust me you’re favorite rappers haven’t caught up to his sales…and we can go pre nelly if you like

      • YoungPrime

        The IRS had caught up with’em though…..

        • Killa Cam Newton

          They also caught up with. Red fox, Wesley, and slew of our other favorite singers, actors and comedians ..

          • kautious18

            Wesley snipes was a lie—he didnt go to jail for tax evasion

          • Spookeysmoker

            He went to Africa for 7 years

      • djayjb09

        That was early 2000s when record sales were booming. So how they supposed to catch up when nobody buys CDs anymore. Marketing tactics have changed up. But back to the subject . no ones original

        • Killa Cam Newton

          Kriss Kross “live and die for hip hop -1 ” play that track and you tell me regardless of record sales who creating sounds like that today. And he wrote 75% of the song dabrat was the other 25% ..and its funny that justin beiber and drake not having any problems selling records

  • Q. Miller

    Let’s fuck up some pandas I guess..

    • Craig

      Killed it

      • HotlineQueef

        not even close you nigger. i killed it so fuck you

  • JohnWiick

    Sampled for sure.

  • A Jay

    All these songs sound the same nowadays same 808’s and drum breaks.

  • T guest

    Never support a mf that lives in the shadows of another mf

  • Murder One

    We really supposed to be shocked though? It’s trap. Nothing about the genre revolves around originality.

  • Legendary Trolly

    To deisgner’s credit, all of them beats sound the same anyway! I can probably find a million clone beats from Thugga, Future, Rich Homie

  • S!N NAPS

    sounds similar, but the chords arent even the same and one has piano while the other has a synth bell type sound. dupri is an idiot

    • #Worklife


      • mr. july

        He’s talking about the beat not the sounds you idiot. Its exactly the same.

        • #Worklife

          lol you replyin to me fool, i didnt say that

  • Supreme Trunks

    my GOD he is right!! smh Riding on Future’s wave but whatever. We’ll see who can keep coming up with material and who can only ride along

  • #Worklife

    Panda sound way better styll.. Panda jus hit number 1 on the hot 100.
    Future dont even have a number 1 hit yet crazy

  • Poopmaster

    Poopmaster alleges that ,this nigga broke and forgotten . Go on dupri dust off that white T

  • But they really did just try to clone future

    • ChiCity300

      it started with cloning T-pain

  • ChiCity300

    t-pain killed that Panda song Fact

    • HotlineQueef

      we heard you yesterday ass hole

      • ChiCity300

        still bumping it though plus im gone keep saying it because they keep talking about these copy cats that jump on his sound in the first place. and let go of my balls watching my every comment ass nigga

        • HotlineQueef

          fuck my ass you nigger no homo tho

          • ChiCity300

            get your faggot ass off my comments.

          • HotlineQueef

            oh yeah fuck my ass hard daddy no h0mo

  • Michael Patrick

    Why hate on anyone. Anybody here would kill to have been Jermaine Dupri .He produces hits he is a producer So So Def made cake still does.Most rappers have a good few albums that is it they get rich and lazy they aint thirsty for cash and fame cuz they got it.He is an ATL legend who cares what a lame internet hater says u aint taking none of his shine away. He gets more pussy than all the haters here put together .

  • Noneya Bizness

    why do people who have ALREADY made millions of dollars in the music business feel the need to disrespect ANYONE coming up? It’s like they don’t like the fact that someone younger than them can make money in the same industry. J.D. is literally acting like a little kid on the playground, mad as hell cause someone else got on the see-saw while he was on the swings.

    • Murder One

      What’s disrespectful though? Going off what we can hear, he’s got a point. The similarities seem to be more than coincidence. It’s pretty much the exact same beat. Why shouldn’t people be called out for copying another man’s work? You don’t think Michael Jackson wouldn’t have flipped if Beiber came out with a song identical to Thriller and cashed in on it? But you’re looking at it strictly as a business. That explains it.

  • jstompz411

    same bass and drum pattern but the melody is diffrent