Jay Z’s Tidal Called ‘A Spectacular Flop’

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  • OhRyanT

    What people see when they look at Tidal is a company using celeb endorsements for an insane monthly price while using higher quality files that you can’t tell the difference anyways.

  • Shawn Kemp’s Cocaine Problem

    Surprise, surprise.
    Hov must’ve been talked into this by someone. Just EXPLAINING the idea, there is no benefit to the listeners…we won’t change our behavior unless it’s in our benefit. So changing to another streaming service where we don’t gain anything (better sound quality? really?) is for sure a failure.

    What a bad business plan.

  • something’s not quite right

    Well hov you can’t win me all lol, I mean of all the business ventures jay has been in over the years I can’t think of any that he took a huge loss on, there’s a first time for everything.

    • Goddessflow

      hes took quite a few business loses actually..but that comes with the territory as an entrepreneur.. you just HAVE to be prepared and rich enough to take those risks..nothing ventured nothing gained..he and his wifes income is at nearly 1 billion dollars tho..i think he’ll find a new deal and recover

      • something’s not quite right

        Oh I have no doubt in that at all, I just don’t remember anything off the top of my head that he took a big loss in, and last I heard tidal was valued at $256Ms the week after it went public.

      • MessyMya

        With his kind of money,he should be more well suited with financial advisors. Whom should of advised him that this would not be a good deal. People at his level don’t make business “mistakes” as such. But I guess thats what happens when you’ve been playing puppet for so long.

        • Guest


        • wyndero griffin

          Your statement couldn’t be more wrong….if u gamble big, it’s possible that u will lose big. Advisors are like stock brokers, if they really knew how to invest why are they spending time with other clients in that fashion….u will hard pressed to find any stock broker who does it big like jigga….

  • Vee Tha Ja Rula

    But what about the real issues…KTT won’t let me make an account because they said I was spam. PSSSHHHHHHH!

  • ⓇⓞⓐⓢⓣⓂⓐⓝ™

    Why Hov lips look like a bent up pair of all black Air Force 1’s

  • YungShoota2

    The value proposition is not sound. It’s exclusive content.

    If the only place to get beyonces new album is on tidal, bitchces will subscribe to tidal. If beyonce (or insert any artist) is a “co-owner” of tidal and not [insert other streaming service], Beyonce is going to drop it on tidal.

    Jay z is not starting a streaming service because he thinks you want artists to make more money. He’s starting a streaming service because he thinks artists want to make more money. If he is right, the artist’s fan’s will follow. Hence the massive power move for beyonce, kanye, j cole, rianna, drake, the mouse head guys, etc.

    WHat if you couldn’t hear any of those artist’s music without a tidal subscription? Thats the future.

    -jay z,
    july 15, 2018

    • AnOutsider

      Then I’d spend tidal’s monthly fee on 2 albums.

      • YungShoota2


        Read again: these co-owners will soon be releasing their music exclusively on tidal.

        Look what is happening in the tv/movie industry. Everyone is fighting for exclusive content (house of cards is only on netflix, etc.)

        Tidal is based on the same idea.

        • BmoreTrue

          They may exclusively stream their music on tidal but they’re still going to sell cds so people will still be able to pirate their music online…I don’t think they can stop that

          • YungShoota2

            nah wrong

          • AnOutsider

            Yeah, you’re wrong. The exclusivity applies to streaming, so spotify won’t have it, but I’ll still be able to grab the physical CD or own the MP3s from iTunes or Amazon — which is usually cheaper anyway.

          • YungShoota2

            lol… nobody is listening.


            Why would J cole drop on itunes when he can drop exclusively on tidal (a company he owns)

            phsycial CDs lol.. next

    • MessyMya

      There is no what if. As long as there is an internet,there will be a plethora of avenues to stream music ;”fans” are not obligated to subscribe to a $20 monthly music stream app. If that ” Beyoncee fan” had any sense he/she would go buy that album hardcopy for a fraction of the cost,if applicable,at a later date. Your post is a joke.

      • YungShoota2

        yo moron… you don’t get it do you?

        THERE WILL BE NO HARD COPY. it will only be available for stream on tidal.

        What is so hard to understand about that? Did drakes last album drop as a hard copy at first? Nah, it didn’t. Only later…. and in the future. There will be no hard copies.

        • MessyMya

          Clearly youre coattailing and d-ridin Jay Z. And NO, Tidal will NEVER be the only source for consumers to purchase music, DUMMY.

          • YungShoota2

            I am not d-riding anyone…. you think Jayz bought tidal becuase he thinks you want better sound? He gave all these artists co-owner status because he thinks you want better sound?

            come on… that makes no sense… whether tidal will be the only place to get beyonce albums or not– I don’t know. What I do know is that is Jay z’s strategy. It’s pretty obvious.

            The plan is you can only get beyonce albums from tidal (similar to how some artists are releasing exlusively on spotify/etc. — if they can figure out how to further crack down on pirating off of places like spotify and tidal, than you will see much more music being available exclusively on one service or another.

            go back to school mya

      • YungShoota2

        you really think hov spent fifty million and pulled all these artists together so that they can offer their music on other streaming sites?

        lol… sorry “messy mya”… but you may be full retard.

        Just because this hasn’t played out in the first month of him owning it, doesn’t mean that isn’t his master plan. To me (and other analysts) this is pretty obviously his plan.

        Just remember that when it happens, you are an idiot.

        • MessyMya

          Yea lame-O, I really do. Recent reports have crowned this as his WORST music investment . Spotify and Pandoras sales increased as Tidals did not.

    • YungShoota

      Smh don’t use my name for Talkin that dumb shit bruh. Ain’t nobody tryna to get no fuckin tidal. Nigga who tf pay for music that shit free on YouTube n datpiff bruh. Ain’t no black niggas finna buy no damn music or pay fuckin $20 for lame ass jayz smh. Nigga I get more money then most these damn rappers n I still ain’t spendin a dime on no music bruh out princaples.

  • Allen Smith

    20 dollars a month for a percentage of the artist that are out there, Price is always the factor its Merica

  • Cognac and Papers

    Jay sonned too many rich white folk. Remember Jay those people aint make you.

  • KarmaSapien

    Are you telling me that the premise of getting a call from the man, wasn’t enough to get people to buy what he’s selling? Who wudda thunk it? -_-

  • wyndero griffin

    This site knows nothing about finance…..his subscription base not being on point does not mean it’s a bad investment…..relax people and realize most of u don’t have a clue on how this type of business works…..

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Good try, but he just need to let it go.

  • Berner55555

    It’s mainly flopping because people do not want to pay that subscription when you can listen to music for free

  • F Mellark

    Oh, boo hoo. I’m am supposed to feel sorry for you Jay Z? Let me use my 9-5 job to make you richer because you deserve more. Maybe if he and the others weren’t so full of shit and actually sold their product for it’s qualities instead of saying “hey, we’re rich as fuck but we are not satisfied. Why should you listen to our music for free? No no no, come here and give us all your money!”, maybe it wouldn’t be such a flop. Better sound makes 0 difference if someone can’t afford a kickass headphone. So, is he going to gift me with a beautiful Beats by Dr. Dre if I join Tidal? If not, then well, I couldn’t give a single fuck about this better quality bullshit. They sold their product as greedy assholes and not as business people or even artists. I hope the flop is epic. I would love to see T Swift coming back to Spotify with her tail between her legs. Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I don’t think her decision was dumb as fuck. Even if I had the money to pay Tidal, I would still rather pay for Spotify, just because of how this app was sold in the first place.