Jay Z Wrote A Tupac Diss Track But Pac Died Before He Could Release It

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  • Hood America

    would’ve been suicide!!!

  • Lyfestyle

    At the time jay wouldve folded pac had BIG hurtin

  • KingCunta

    Why does slightly over toasted crussant lips even think he gonna stand up to my boo pac smh? My man pac wouda bodied gay Z even wen he dead. And I think he knew that, that’s why he ain’t release it. I would say FOH here and gently suckle my left nipple but I ain’t gay so I’ll just say FOH

    • Lyfestyle

      Damn your all off topic why u call men boo and bae?

      • KingCunta

        Why you stalking me fam? You want it in the ass or something? FOH

        • Drew Mann

          That’s awesome.

      • Israel Collazo Jr.

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        • KingCunta

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          • Israel Collazo Jr.

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          • KingCunta

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          • Israel Collazo Jr.

            @KingCunta LMFAO!! HAHAHAHAHA somebody sounds butt hurt lol xD

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          • KingCunta

            LMAO this fagget says I have bad grammar then proceeds to say “who teached you how to type” FOH wit dat bullshit n swallow sum donkey cum bitch

          • Israel Collazo Jr.

            @ King cunta bruh you gay as fuck, the fuck? you could of say any other shit but you instead said said some gay shit… wow nigga you gay as hell smfh-__- **Face palm** I feel so sorry for you’re parents.. and I blame bad parenting on you’re dumb ass behalf

    • Mocha butts

      Say That Shit

    • Supa Van

      now its clear

    • Dirt

      He didn’t release it out of respect for the dead. (And please work on your grammar)

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Alot of people was going after Pac, not to just shot; But his title. Pac was everything every rapper wanted to be, even inspired some to become rappers. People like LL Cool J, Nas, Jay, Big, Mobb Deep all had a diss track for him. See, what I loved about Pac, he didn’t give a fuck, no matter how big you were or who you rolled with. But I really feel like Pac and Jay would’ve been a nice battle. Without the shooting and all, but battle of the pen, paper and mind.

    • Mocha butts
  • lando

    Kunta on sum gay shit

    • Israel Collazo Jr.

      LMFAO!! @disqus_vIS6P5snED:disqus lol forreal look at all the dumb shit and horrible grammar and english and gay shit I be replying to me and @disqus_k5nwlXLHWc:disqus that faggot ass @disqus_LG7RW4mcDX:disqus is on some gay shit forreal yo lol this dude has no life and barely goes out much and live sunder a rock all day everyday 24-7 and will still be living like that under a rock for the rest of his entire life, lol what a Faggot this @KingCunta is yoI’m just saying, tbh … Keeping shit

  • Akhenaton


  • Rodney Brown

    Jay woulda got bodied by an actin nigga

    • Vuitton, The Ruler

      Lol true

    • Mark Nille Ville

      Lazy ass Nigga who never stand up as real G until now!! Bullshit

  • Samisback

    People are saying Pac would’ve ended Jay’s career..but what career did he have in 96? Jay was basically an underground rapper at the time..he had absolutely nothing to lose.

    • SwaggyDublU95

      Why do people always put fans of one person in a group together? Like we all know each other? I’m a fan of drake, Pac, BIG, J Cole, nas, wiz all of them but all I see is, “drake fans” or “Pac fans” etc. Everyone speaks for themselves, it ain’t a group thing bro, like we all come together to talk on the internet and have an agreement? C’mon now. Speak for yourself and speak to someone as an individual, not as a group of fans cause we all don’t have the same views, ideas, and interests.

      • Samisback

        I respect that..you’re right

      • xnoxes

        Idk.. thugger fans be all some ignorant ass niggas

        • SwaggyDublU95

          Half of them are trolls bro haha but I get what you saying.

      • Lyfestyle

        Drake and pac fans dont go together actually the two stand for very diff things pacs body of work is powerful drake is purely entertainment. 20yrs later pac music lives on 20yrs frm now drake will be the guy how frauded the whole game just wait until he drop a dud i think he knows his fanbase is fickle how can you be solid and your a rap act?

    • BluntsNchevys

      End it b4 it started

      • Samisback

        lol how are you going to end an underground artist career though? what could pac have said that would’ve been so powerful that it ended jay’s career? I would’ve definitely took jay in that battle if it ever played out..pac was a great rapper and poet, but jay-z back in 96 was a straight lyricist.

        • Dirt

          If you think Jay was “underground” in 96 you only listened to pop radio

          • Samisback

            lets just say he wasn’t what you would call a mainstream rapper at the time, he released his first official album in June of 96 (reasonable doubt) and pac died about 2-3 months later.

  • tjslade

    Pac would have crushed his ass!!!

    • Samisback

      that’s doubtful..what was pac going to say about him?

      • jbise9420

        Predict the future of tidal lol

        • Samisback


      • Carlos Poupart

        “Understand this, ain’t no nigga like me
        Fuck Jay Z, he’s broke and I smoke daily”

        • Dirt

          Nice try, your obviously not Pac or Jay

          • Samisback

            what in the hell are you talking about? what does that have to do with my comment..

        • Samisback

          and that would’ve been powerful enough to end jay-z’s career before it started? if pac never died and that beef did play out..I would’ve took jay-z, like I told someone pac was a great rapper and poet, but 96 jay-z was a straight lyricist and clever as hell..pac would’ve had a tough time with him.

          • OG Mart!n Tr!gga ✞✈️

            i dont know if jay woulda had it, wouldve been REAL close. jay had nice wordplay and the lyricism to win, but pac just gets dirty, no restraints. it wouldve been a great one to see, for sure!

          • Samisback


      • tjslade

        We don’t know… But trust me Pac had some shit… As creative as Pac was, our brains can’t imagine what might of come out of his. Look at a some like Hail Mary. Way outside of the box when he made that.

        • Samisback

          I would’ve took jay in that battle

      • hazey

        He was gonna say first off fuck yo clique jay z u suck dick for change ! i was born on the east but went to the west cuz im gay! u claim to be a rapper but i slapped your wife! ima dead fag a dead fag for life !

        • Samisback


  • Ryan D’Amico

    Listen plain and simple tupac was a legend but didnt sit back and wait for his moment.. was he from the heart yes, did he belt out his raps with meaning yes but the difference between jayz and him arent even close.. tupac would eventually learned to slow down turning rap beef into street beef.. much different ppl. Jay sat back and watched he is the most articulate rapper out because he knew his exact worth and learned from the ghetoo the ghetto not where you want to be and set his mind on his dreams and told his story nas beat jayz in the battle but went in different routes but they have respect for each.. cant compare them sorry tupac was young and i hate to say it cause i admire his passion n music but movin from ny to cali at the time took him down to the gutter. Enough said

    • K Mombo

      false any decision he makes that was him you can’;t say if he would haved stayed on the east it would have been different cuz we dont know that. the only different betwwen pac and jay is that one was a hot head and the other wasn’t. no one knows what pac would have done as he got older since he died while he was young so we dont know that he was always gonne be in the hood. But from what he says in his interviews he couldve been a great hip hop mogul

  • Keon05

    All you clowns talking bout pac woulda ended jay career, how did that work put for mobb deep, nas, puffy and others pac dissed. Yeah, clowns worshipped pac like a martyr. But he didn’t have the power to fold careers of quality musicians

    • Breana Bishop

      But their careers are dead now… he did not have to

  • Scott Thompson

    All i have to say is Big L shit on Jay Z. Oh n Jay could never make u feel the way Pac did. Pac said Killuminati. Jay became they puppet.

  • Its yo boy E!!!

    I think that the people should be allowed to hear this acclaimed dis to bear witness to what could of been. IJS

  • Thomas Lefco

    All that anyone remembers of Jay-Z is the here and now. The hip hop mogul who runs shit because he can. Way back when all he had was an idea, raw talent. It woulda been a small dent into Pac’ s work for the simple fact that Pac brought a subculture style of music into the forefront. He was a brilliant musician and poet with hardly any education. Give Pac Jay-Z’ s resources, then compare them. There’s no battle, only massacre. Jay would look like a child.

    • Samisback

      what resources did jay-z have that pac didn’t?

  • Christian McDonough

    Hed get bodied by a dead nigga

  • Damir Boyd-Carey

    I usually don’t comment but I had to get in on this one. PAC is a legend for great reason and Jay is one also in his own right but sometimes he gets less respect cause he’s still alive. But pac was a visionary with a message but he was not a punchline rapper although jay wasn’t as political as pac in a battle jay would have went hard now I still can’t say jay would win cause of that cause hit em up is probably the greatest diss ever but at that time when jay was young and hungry he was spitting to be the greatest of all time now he raps like he already is so there’s two different jays and he would have keep pac on his toes

  • Vincent Steward

    Pac wouldnt hav stood a chance lyrically against Jay.
    Pac was nice and he said shit that was dope… But we hav never seen a wordsmith like Jay.

    “Put words together, just to match.. I say what i feel yall adjust to that… I do the opposite of yall so i just attract a realer audience.. Usually all dressed in black…

  • Carl Tucker

    Whoever is doubting Tupacs skills definitely never heard his material or watched his documentaries. We need to stop comparing today’s beef battles with these 90s lengends. If pac was alive today I. Doubt Jay would have even made it mainstream. I listen to both artist and in my opinion Jay hasn’t drop hot flame since he took on nas & nas buried his ass with ether. So no way possible in hell could he handle pac

    • Who was the one who had more hits after ether? Who had more Platinum albums after ether? Who signed more people crushing the game right now? Who married the better chick?….. Shit who got richer after ether?….. Saying Nas buried him is truly false lol

    • Chuck

      Carl a smart man….I was going to comment but this raps it up

  • Ty

    So if Tupac never died than we wouldn’t have Jay-Z?

  • Mark Nille Ville

    When lion die some wide goats began to tell stories how they beat the lion up!
    Who to ask now?? Just shut your ass up Jazz!!
    Sometimes I wonder how cat survive the wars that killed the lion then I remember even the bush want the lion dead!! All because there all scared of the lion!!
    America dragons that eat there own flesh!!!

  • As the late great legend himself once said, “Fuck Jay Z!”

  • Lyds

    Jay Z you a punk! After years that he passed you want to come out with you have a trac dissing Pac. You don’t have nothing on him. But be careful what you put out there because it might bite u in the a…

  • Stim Dog

    Tupac was a better artist period. Jay-z got noticed because of PAC simply speaking his name on his song. Biggie was the lyrical one that gave PAC hell but PAC was better. Everything hov talking. PAC been talking bout it. Plus PAC said we was gonna have a Black president one day but he said we wasn’t ready then. If he see the world now.

  • Tupac Shakur jr

    Jay couldn’t stand a chance back then pops would of ended his career son!

  • joej

    Would have been a good battle…stop sleeping on HOV PAC was great n so was jay