Jay Z Took A Fake Photo With Kevin Hart During Game One [PHOTOS]

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  • ChiCity1988

    Hahahaha oh man this just shows how fake these people are

  • Dvillain.

    I never thought jay would be the type to do this but hey, whatever sells right

    • Lecash3X

      Jay-Z – I’m Bout To Call The Paparazzi On Myself – Otis

      • Dvillain.

        So that’s who Drake is referring to when he says ‘I know rappers that call the paparazzi to get pictures of ’em’
        Jay corny as hell.

  • Thee_One1

    Whats the big deal

  • That is a great photo with smiles and all. They look like they are having such a good time. He aint worrin bout nothin

  • kushxchevys

    Whats wrong with that? Its a good pic

  • duh

    Rihanna in the background

  • Allen Smith

    Like y’all ain’t did sum like this b4…. I mean I haven’t but I’m just saying Lmao

    • d1gord

      I be nervous when cameras on me. I be hitting the G pose for no reason lol

  • DonCDaCapo

    This nigga Kev was rollin when he said that like Jay I know u ain’t hungry lik that did no buzz

  • Iam-the-great-iam

    Theses niggas who made this a big deal and has a problem with this need a life. What do nigga take an post shit on social media for? This same reason here small minds, publicity .lol

  • KawantA

    How is it being corny, looks like their just having fun with it


    this is over LAME find some real news not lame shit bout Jay taking a pic….smh Fire this dumbass writer

  • Bill Jansen

    At least he aint take a pic with a $10 bottle of Hennessy and eighty bucks in the picture with his finger up like you cornball as lost niggas

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Lmao but that just proves to you how fake people in the industry are. I hear it all the time from rappers thru their interviews and lyrics..

  • Controversy sells