Jay Z Shouts Out The 95 Rap Acts Who Inspire Him

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  • bumpy johnson

    dope shit …

  • Bj

    Biggie fucking smalls

  • sahn

    Great list

  • DonCDaCapo

    Maybe he might end that beef with cam too after a while so we can get some crazy shit aha

  • all the styles he jacked lol

    • imaginationsequation

      Lol, after reading this I had to check the list for young Chris, and he’s up there lol

      • Exactly….all of state prop and dipset nobody listened to jay z when he was ice berg slime

        • frankwhitedc

          Except me .

          • Sad I’m starting to think people just started listening to the old shit when Apple Music etc came out I still got cassette tapes of shit from 80s to early 90s

    • Rome

      Wayne is the goat

      • Nah not even top 10 top 15 for sure though

      • frankwhitedc

        Hell no . There’s a man named scarface that rapped , Wayne will never be 1

  • Gotti


  • Poopmaster

    Big L should of been one of the first ones up there….show some fucking respect!!

  • Chris Street

    BLEEK! Cold…

    • Chris Street

      Bleek was Kanye to Jay before Kanye was Kanye!!

  • Blahblah ooo

    He forgot MethodMan Cassidy and Game

    • imaginationsequation

      He didn’t, big names tho. Cassidy was crazy before he got signed

    • FaboLoso

      he didn’t forget them, if he left them off then they didn’t inspire him

    • frankwhitedc

      He beefed with game and game still take shots at him from time 2 time

  • imaginationsequation

    everyone said bleek was lazy

    • Bleed didn’t really wanna rap jay kept asking him they childhood friends

      • imaginationsequation

        I think in the beginning bleek wanted to rap, but it was too much for him. They showed it on the backstage tour

        • Yea but he also was just being a friend like nigga if u rap I’ll rap with you type shit bleek a good feature dude imo like French Montana

          • imaginationsequation

            I always liked when him n SIgel did tracks together

  • Blahblah ooo

    Dr Dre ?

  • imaginationsequation

    No Kendrick but has q and ab soul, can’t be be mad at that

    • YKokoM

      Check the list he’s up there

    • FaboLoso

      he said kendrick, but you probably know that by now..lol

  • Mec-One

    Bleek didn’t inspire Hov ……. Hov inspired Bleek …….. plus, he’s in the will somewhere

    • Cultured

      Lol I like what you did there.

    • consistentlyinconsistent

      He is absolutely in his will somewhere and Yes Bleek didn’t want it as bad he thought he did.

    • frankwhitedc

      Fuck . This one of them comments where u be like . I wish I thought of that shit. Hold this W . Nice diamonds in Sierra reference

  • Mec-One


  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    This niggy was hacked, WATCH

    • FaboLoso

      he was nominated into the songwriters hall of fame and to celebrate he went on twitter to show love to everybody that inspired him throughout his career, lol so no I don’t think he was hacked.

  • Zac Chuur

    Biggie Fucking Smalls?

  • iExpectU2HateMe

    Um…I think he meant Slim Thug, not Young Thug. At least I hope lol

    • Matt Leon

      I hope too lol. I doubt Jay would mention Young Thug and not Slim Thug though

  • The sad about this list I can guanrantee people only know about the rappers from 2010 and up lol

  • Dame2da


    • Dame2da

      Kiss ? Niggas to young down there lol

    • FaboLoso

      he said the lox(jadakiss,styles and sheek)

      • Dame2da

        The lox didnt make kiss the game cmon na

        • FaboLoso


  • Dame2da

    Mad mac miller mad it and not twista

  • Giovanni Kensmil

    I thought Fab was misson for a sec, HOV a real one.

  • DMaine La Flare

    He did say Biggie right after Nas HHE just dumb a second hell

  • PlanB77

    Where’s Talib and Common? I’m hoping they were just an oversight and simply forgot to mention.

    • BrodieThaGod

      He got common on there

      • PlanB77

        Yeah saw that later – my oversight.

  • Carl King

    No Ma$e?

    • frankwhitedc

      He lyrically ended mase carrer. “This and Jay will get you mased , when I start spittin them lyrics niggas get very religious, 6 hail Marys please father forgive em” . Off top of my head so please excuse and errors or misspellings

      • Carl King

        I mean…I’d say that was inspiration…for Jay to even respond he had to be inspired “Y’all can save the chitter-chat, this and that
        This is Jay, dissing Jay will get you maced
        When I start spitting them lyrics niggas get very religious
        Six Hail Marys, ‘Please Father forgive us

        • frankwhitedc

          That wasn’t the first mase diss. I was just stating why he didn’t acknowledge mase. He don’t fuck wit him

  • FaboLoso

    lol damn no mention for the jay-z stan Game? he somewhere crying

  • GG R

    Shout out Big boi !! Everyone puts andre 3000 in their top ten. How about just saying outkast is in ur top list. Why single them out and then split them up? I never understood this… all the outkast albums are great. The only wack one might actually b the love below, andre’s record.

    • frankwhitedc

      Your smoking crack . I was with you at first but bruh the love below is a classic . And was wayyyyyyyy better then speakerbox I remember the day it came out me and my cousins was geeked to hear the double album. But when that love below played after speakerbox was taken out (cd’s then ) we used speakerbox for a coaster

  • VigarOnlineTv

    yo gotti’s missing

    • frankwhitedc

      Be 4real bruh

  • Ezekell Clay

    Gibbs hoe?

  • Dame2da

    He shuda missed all the niggas that start rappin after the 90s lol

    • NYCityKid

      They shoulda just closed down rap after the nineties right?

  • Dame2da

    Nigga said nicki lmao

  • d1gord

    Prolly shouted out all the 95 dudes that wrote for him lol…that’s my hate comment. My real comment is he deserve it. Top 5 all time

  • rt

    so those are all the rappers he stole from?

  • TKingLives

    Tru Life?

  • Manny Bravo

    I was kinda surprised to see Playboi Carti, Tyler, the Creator and Mac Miller on there. Nice to see Hov embracing all styles of hip-hop.

    • BadNewzVA1984

      I was suprised to see Pastor Troy on there

      • Manny Bravo

        I didn’t even peep that. There are a lot of surprises.

  • Eli

    He didnt miss anyone but you guys forgot to put BIGGIE FUCKING SMALLS before pac like he did. Although i personally would put pac before biggie but you guys left him out all together

  • just another white nigga

    just from shit ive heard him say before, he missed: talib, doc, e, chance, and big.

  • Nick White

    Tech N9NE

  • Rodairus Nick Smith

    BIGGIE ?

  • Duly Doolze

    damn he never mentioned Khaled LMAO. but honestly tho, where is T-Pain at, he inspired a grammy winning song. And if he mentioning new rappers, where is Logic, Russ, and King Los. Damn Jay.

  • Aaronphieagles