JAY-Z Responds To Backlash About Writing Anti-Semitic Lyrics On ‘4:44’

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  • ChiTownT

    I don’t feel he was being anti-Semitic. He was just being realistic to what’s going on in America, Jews hold the purse strings in this country. A lot of Jews have thin skin though. America wants Blacks to shut about slavery and that’s cool but then Ima need Jews to shut up about the Holocaust and Whites to stop bitching about affirmative action and Hispanics taking their jobs

    • Slavery was a genocide but wait not by Americans standards and ha us as blacks can’t even educate ourselves we worried about statutes and flags you really expect anyone to take us serious??

  • Issa lie

    Common sense

  • just another white nigga

    he aint talkin about “every person of the jewish faith”. he dont mean the jewish cat that lives down the street from you. hes talkin about the specific group of jewish bankers who control the worlds central banks and have used credit (borrowing money to ppl/ governments and then charging them continuously). hes right.