Jay Z, Nas & J. Cole May Be About To Drop

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  • Astronaut

    Interested in listening. Not interested in paying

    • BrodieThaGod


    • Samisback

      don’t worry bruh you won’t have to..guarantee it’s gonna be on youtube anyway

    • cheef knowledge

      Everybody wants good music for free. It can’t always be that way just stating a fact that’s why all this free music is pure bullshit sound quality like they made they whole mixtape on a cellphone

      • Astronaut

        I see what you saying but that’s a whole other topic. At least to me.

      • Young Flacko

        The hell you gettin free music from then?? Only people who don’t know how to pirate get that shitty stuff on youtube lol

  • Andrew Trevillian

    Add Em and I’ll cop a subscription for a month.

    • Rome

      He’ll ruin the song probably talking about his mama and shit.

      • SonSon

        or raping boy bands.

      • cheef knowledge

        Boo this man

    • Dexter Boston

      Must be white. Sorry if that sounds racist. But it is what it is.

  • Daniel King

    This track is going to be crazy for real 2 of my favorite legends on a track big j Cole fan so I’m definitely looking forward to this track

    • cheef knowledge

      And if you want it that bad guess what you’ll pay for it out of respect for those ppl

      • Astronaut

        This is true

      • Daniel King

        Very true cheef knowledge I am not a tidal membership owner lol I use spoofity but I don’t think it will end up on there lol

  • Spookeysmoker

    Nas and cole on a track mmm I can do without style jack in j

    • FaboLoso

      nah cuh this track needs jay for me to listen

      • Spookeysmoker

        No why lol he gone stink it up

        • FaboLoso

          u trippin

  • A Jay

    There is a God!

  • Jeff Ystueta

    He was tweeting a part of J. Cole’s verse from Logic’s new album…
    “My favorite rappers I came up after
    Nas, Cole + Hov….”