Jay Z Makes Offer On All Of Prince’s Unreleased Material

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  • Craig

    Jay Z can’t afford the Prince catalog. That should be worth about 500 mil.

    • jdt96

      It seems like this is just for the streaming rights, however it’s hard to tell from the source material.

      • Craig

        Yeah but imagine being the only service to be able to release his new material for streaming….. that would have been a huge deal if Prince was alive but now that he is dead……..

      • NYCityKid

        grammar police bout to be on your ass soon about your article

    • iDONTFuckWitU

      Forget about Jay-Z just hearing that it might be up for grabs will bring in the big competitors to try to take a gander and see.

    • Kingquazy

      ***Checks Jay-Z’s net worth, double checks to be sure…

      WRONG. (in my Donald Trump voice)

      • Craig

        Having enough money to buy something does not mean you can afford it. Ask MC hammer

        • Kingquazy

          Having 10% of something’s cost does mean you can finance it. Ask any business man in the entire world who doesn’t suck lol

          • Craig

            I see what you saying…. but if this is based on the songs being worth 500 mil like I said…would you finance something that cost over 80 percent of your entire fortune on one aspect of a business venture…. that’s a huge risk…. it could yield a huge reward but it could also be chapter 11 in the making. And again…I’m just talking based on the ridiculous number I put out there….

  • rt

    damn could jay or jay’s people killed prince, cause prince was not trying to release his music on streaming?

    • Kingquazy

      He’s 6’2″, how the fuck he fit in the new Bugatti???

  • tommyfilmore47

    Did prince plan on releasing this? If not that’s kinda fucked up.

    • Soopafly

      all is fair in love and war