Jay Z & Beyonce Are Looking To Buy A $200 Million Mansion [PHOTOS]

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  • bawse

    $200M seems a little steep for that place. Hopefully it comes with some serious acreage

    • DoDaDiddleDance

      Yea that seems way overpriced for what I’m looking at

      • bawse

        I could see $50-$100M because it is an estate but $200M is crazy. That’s like 35% of their networth. I’d rather have 4-5 $30M cribs.

        • t-stupid

          Fa real fuck dat big as house give me 2-3 fa 10mil & I’m good

    • Supreme Trunks

      Keep in mind location plays a huge part in pricing.

  • Mec-One

    I can’t wrap my mind around a home that size …… unless I have a large family ….. form grandparents down to cousins, nieces & nephews up in there.
    That just looks like you’ll have more employees maintaining the place than people who actually living there ……. idk …..

    • djkillahmike

      Also a good investment keep that in mind

  • Twiz

    I got 10 bathrooms i can shit all day…

    • Je’sus


  • Charles Wingate

    They’ve already purchased the property as a matter of fact last month…

  • Willf

    False idols