JAY-Z Addresses His ‘4:44’ Shots At Kanye West

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  • Da Truth

    He lost me at the end

    • Ghostface-


    • WWE Champion Mr Maharaja

      Yeah, I didn’t quite get it.

    • Frank White

      Bet cash that has more to do with Hip Hop Early’s lack of ability to read and write

      • Da Truth

        You re probably dead on my brother

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Jay-Z full of shit.. Nigga talking in circles

  • TKingLives

    Its all publicity for WTT2

  • it boils down to kanye was always soft and weird

    and jay treated him as a lil bro, sometimes the lil bro wants to be big bro and stop being treated like snowflake.. even if they just become more of a snowflake

    if jay really make a dis track he should title it….”Yeesh”