Jail Photos Of Bobby Shmurda Show He’s Gained Some Mass

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    My dad drove the whole way home bumping a new mixtape some dude named Bobby Shmurda who just got out of jail he’s trash

    – my son 5 years from now
    (Why you dont do dumb shit to please others and get knocked)

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    My nigga getting his swoll on

  • Retorik1

    There was barely a spot for him from jump he aint have longevity characteristics this might be the best thing for him at least his money collectin interest and he cant fuck it off and hopefully somebody on the inside school his dumb ass and he come home and invest…

  • WhenWillTheyShoot71

    Keep ya head clear young fella.

  • Tripler

    He looks same, just older

  • Craig

    Shit remind me of my OG … 5 years the boy was swole and all the way tatted when the nigga only had one going in. Said they use the engine from a portable CD player and funnel the ink with a tube. Crazy how they come up with the shit. It look official you would have thought he got them in the free world lol.

  • Carlos Viney

    The first pik look like he a coach off blitz the league

  • skram

    Fuck a Bobby Shmurda was trash and will be trash when he gets released FOH