Jaden Smith Finally Explains Albino Batman Suit He Wore To ‘Ye’s Wedding

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  • Kory Lanezs


  • Twizz the Whiz Kid


  • Lindsey8512

    Good thing he doesn’t live in Charleston, SC.

  • kells47

    this kid needs a fucking ass whopping nigga stop this Weirdo shit dafuq

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      I agree with u I just saw a picture last week wit him wearing makeup chilling wit some boy looking suspect

      • kells47

        will smith be on some suspect DL shit as well

    • ITS ME

      normal humans can’t beat superheros though, you’d just be wasting your time

      • kells47

        The only thing super about this nigga is his dad’s car

  • Jim Stone

    This young man is trying his best to be significant in any way……maybe he should just find a hobby and enjoy his daddies millions…..