Ja Rule Endorses Hillary Clinton In Weird Fox News Appearence

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  • jbise9420

    His partner looks stoneddd.

    • TheTrooth

      He is. He started a company that sells a “credit card for millennials”…. what the fuck does that even mean?

      • TheTrooth

        I take it back this dude may just be semi tarded

      • jbise9420

        Lol I have no clue, somekinda idea they came up with while they were sittin round fucked up 1 day

  • Light Dat Blunt

    I never thought ja rule would help make the mark of the beast

    • cxcvin€ cxbvin

      he’s obviously ignorant to real issues… otherwise he wouldn’t have made those comments…

  • datsizer

    Wheres Ja!! Someone go find Ja so we can know whats going on.