J. Cole’s ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ Goes Platinum

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  • Food4Thought


  • yolkipalki69

    he deserved it

  • Poopmaster

    Ma nigga

  • Frank Reynolds

    but it wwasnt amazing


    Still waiting to see one of these new Lil yatchty or uzi vert type rappers to do this….
    hip hop aint dead yet people, yea its on life support, but not dead yet

  • BagkRobins

    Alright moving on.

  • Je’sus

    Not his best.

  • Live and Prosper

    That’s what I’m talking about! He went platinum doing an album that he wanted to do. No it wasn’t a commercial type of album. There was only one song that came close to being in that commercial category and that was Deja Vu. I love it when artists make music they that they want to make, and not selling themselves out. He could have easily done music that sounds like the majority of rap that’s getting played a lot these days (which is garbage btw) but he didn’t and you can’t hate on that.

  • T guest

    I thought he had features in it?? Or am I trippin?? He went platinum quietly. That’s what’s up though

    • Je’sus

      Well ari Lennox vocals on change was not counted as a feature

      • T guest

        I mean rappers. I must of been trippin

        • FuckYaCommentB…

          No sir.

  • White Guilt

    His worst album

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      It really Wuznt bad, but compared to his other ones, I get Whatchu saying.

  • FuckYaCommentB…


  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Cole was the first doe.

  • Frank Reynolds

    yeah fuckin faggot j cole fans

  • Ye’

    I still don’t think the no features thing is that big of a deal going platinum in general is a dope accomplishment but people hyping up the no features thing

  • Pieze.B

    Platinum with no features again.