J. Cole Tells Full Story Behind ‘Neighbors’ Drug Raid Of His Home Studio [VIDEO]

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  • frankwhitedc


  • Astronaut

    Fast forward 2 the 8:00 minute mark. For some real shiit

  • Manny Bravo

    I swear he’s told this story at least 300 times. It’s still crazy every time.

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  • Bill Jansen

    But the Neighbors rated for no reason made of Lies so how are they doing it for no reason? Like the reason is your neighbors being bitches so why are you saying no reason there’s a reason it’s your neighbors like let’s stop the bullshit come on man fucking handicap media viewers

    • U obviously have never been a black man in a all white neighborhood. And smoked outside lol

      • kushxchevys

        Nigga hes a wood

      • Bill Jansen

        Haha oh nah I’m from the hood I’ve never been to White neighborhoods but you obviously love the internet and things you know nothing about grow up

      • Bill Jansen

        Smh u so stupid. just reserch a lil nigga u sound dumb an lost

        • I can tell by your choice of words you fraud but hey be who you like on the net