J. Cole Releases Footage Of SWAT Team Raid That Inspired ‘Neighbors’

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  • ant


  • SY

    Bitch ass neighbors

  • Astronaut

    So they paying for damages right?

    • JJW492

      Police accountability? Keep dreaming…

  • bawse

    so… did they find drugs or?

    • Craig

      They found nothing… there was never even a case I think

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Man, I just got done watching Diz special. Shit Wuz deep man. I literally started it over when it went off. Cole da Goat. Fuck da rest. He actually care about Da ppl & Wuz going on.

    • rightyb

      dis dat n dems. yo

  • KarmaSapien

    Racism don’t exist though. -_-