It Sounds Like A$AP Rocky Ripped A$AP Bari From Stage

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  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    even with all that niggas not about to stop wearing vlone lol

  • Edward Harris Cruz Rivera

    Y’all need to know Bari ain’t going nowhere, him, Illz and Yam$ made A$AP Mob.

    If I was Rocky I would just cut out and take Ferg and Nast with him.

    • Myleage

      so…wat dis Bari do wrong?

      • Bill Jansen

        He came in a room where his boy was fucking this girl and he told the girl she’s got to suck his dick too and she was screaming no get out and ran away and it’s all on audio so he seems like a rapist and he said it’s resolved but the tape sounds ridiculous and I don’t even know who this nigga is and I know about it LOL asap everything is garbage lyrically some songs okay but no bars not Harlem’s finest Dave east has the crown right now at the moment ..big l the best tho

        • Bill Jansen

          Sorry I know you didn’t ask for all that extra Harlem information I just don’t like ASAP Mob and now they’re rapist LOL

        • d1gord

          That was a long ass sentence cuh!

          • Bill Jansen

            People who type cuh have really low i.q weirdo nigga said cuh hahahahaaha foh cuh smh

        • Myleage

          oh I see, so he was dead wrong. I Like asap rocky. not a huge fan, many of his songs sound the same, but I like a couple of his tracks

          • Bill Jansen


  • Gr8ness

    A$AP mob basically died when yams did

    • Bill Jansen

      They never were alive with ASAP Rocky and a little bit of trash ferg but they’re not even lyricaly good at all bs bars Joe Budden diss then they can’t say nothing they don’t have the wraps kill just a couple of heads they can make that’s about it but not bars just bullshit flows and sound effects

      • ant

        Yoo.. what?

        • Bill Jansen

          Forget it

  • Anna Hayley

    A$APs 15 minutes was up a long time ago anyway