It Looks Like Lil Uzi Vert *Isn’t* Signed to Wiz & Taylor Gang

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  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Good! Don Cannon must’ve offered Uzi more money than Wiz…..

    • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

      He found and signed uzi first lol, it didn’t make sense to begin with

      • WhoIsMeekMill?&kidcudi

        typical [*****] trying to sign two contracts like nobody would notice. collect two advances.

  • “The Purple Tape”

    This bih ass nigga should of signd 2Dreamchasers

    • Kool

      Uhhhhhhhhh why, dream chasers have all real niggaz and a bunch of killers/guys about that life. Why would they sign a 90s new generation nigga lol

      • “The Purple Tape”


  • “The Purple Tape”

    2 people dead in my home state off the Meek concert.. out of all concerts some weird sh..

  • “The Purple Tape”


  • SwagSauce

    (Cue 2008 mixtape drops) CANNON!!!!!!! Cannon!!!!……. STEPS BACK…….

  • nicoswebaby

    I knew Drama and Cannon wouldn’t let their biggest income switch like that, they prolly set him up for some really stupid contract

  • BOny Soprano

    “howdy do motherfuckas its weezy baby niggas bitchin and i gotta tuck da CANNON”

    Sorry. Had to.