It Looks Like Kanye West Wrote & Produced Drake’s Pusha T/Cudi Diss Track

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  • OHBoy330


  • Spider-man

    He prolly didn’t know about the diss, but then again it is Kanye.

  • Blackthoughts

    Kanye shrug

  • Lord_Farquad

    “and Cudi famously blow up on Drizzy earlier this month.”


  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    Who cares if Ye produced the track? Ye, the producer, shouldn’t give a fuck what somebody says on the track cause at the end of the day… THEY HAD TO PAY HIM. I highly doubt he knew Drake was gone diss Pusha T, or Cudi for that matter. As a producer, once you sell a track IT IS SOLD. Ain’t no coming back and saying hey what the fuck are you rapping about on my beat. It is no longer your beat, you just get credit for making it

    • SlimJuve25

      look at it again, drake didn’t diss anyone lol he is just a performer, he just was reading what they wrote for him, but i agree with the rest kanye made beat an noah finished track by adding drake vocals

      • bushay914nyc

        Well even if he did its not drake its the ghostwriter

      • BTCKING

        Ur an idiot

    • bushay914nyc

      But pusha t signed to ye so him making a beat for the enemy tho seems shady no?

      • SlimJuve25

        not shady to sell beats to enemy, i’m sure kanye taxed the hell out of drake he’s not paying for it the label is

  • Bruhfromclayco

    that shit is ugly af to look at. so kanye wrote more of the lyrics to a drake song than drake did? man wtf. i gotta keep reminding myself that everytime i like a drake track, it aint cus of drake. All that nigga does is say the words someone else wrote and act like he said them. This is the rap game? You listening to a song by Drake, but Kanye produced AND wrote the lyrics? wtf is this shit man. that shit kills the music. makes it all fake. it is all fake. fuck the rap game.

    • BrodieThaGod

      Drake in the writer part. A. Graham is what he’s listed as. But I definitely get what you’re saying

      • Herbz 4 Breakfast

        Lol. 5 lyricists and 5 composers on one song. I know niggas having help on songs isn’t new but goodness do you need a starting 5 and a bench to make one got damn song? And the song ain’t even that good, in your opinion. Shit crazy, no different than Kanye having 30 people to make one track. Authenticity is becoming a thing of the past in rap music

        • If having ghost writers and multiple producers has ruined the rap game than it has been ruined for decades. Remember NWA? Easy-E didn’t write a single lyric he rapped and Dr. Dre had a lot of uncredited co-producers not just on his work with NWA but also his work for Snoop and his solo albums etc.

          • Keith Shaun

            hella true.. Cube was writing all the lyrics!!!

          • Stephen A Smith

            don’t forget MC Ren

          • bushay914nyc

            It aint ruin the game drakes music is top sellimg it just ruins credibility or the writer itself

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Oh, I didn’t realize 1993 was in the house. LMAO. Yeah Cube wrote most of their shit but at least they were in the life they rapped about. Listen to Drake’s (rap) lyrics and tell me if it’s believable. Most of it is some made up bullshit. Drake softer than baby shit. Don’t let the beard or all that 6 god nonsense fool you. I guarantee you Eazy-E was in the streets, Drake never dipped a pinky toe off the porch

        • BrodieThaGod

          Lol Castellani and Francis got the credit cause of the sample I guess but Drake definitely got a sweatshop team helping him piece together his albums together.

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Exactly, it shouldn’t take a village to write one damn song. Granted the songs are good, but I’d rather see and hear the people writing the songs instead of the poster boy

  • wut

  • Nvrgiveup1

    I bet Jay -Z had something to do with that.

  • Craig

    Don’t feel bad some people think the WWE is real too.

  • Dillz

    I think that lyricists should be credited in song titles and not just producers now…

  • Papi_Sauve

    Y’all don’t have a clue what your reading lol. By the way A. GRAHAM IS DRAKE. It’s like asking a blind man for his opinion on the shirt your wearing lol.

    • R.Tyler

      …just gonna ignore the 4 other names?

  • Walter Dorme

    This is not that interesting because I think it’s just rap shit and also people forget or have selective amnesia that is Kanye West that produced that monstrous beat known as Takeover for Jay-z’s masterpiece the blueprint album!
    Who then went on to work with Nas on his second album and gave us the classic record all the kanye fans known and love called We major while there was still friction in the air between Esco and Hov!
    He managed to have Nas and Jay on the same album before they
    made piece and played that we major record for jay with nas on it and jay loved it! So Kanye’s loyalty is to the business of making great records and to the money I do not believe who’s go in with the idea of rap beef agenda!

  • James Savage

    Drake savage he get ye to produce the track he dissing push a on and ye probably didn’t even know .. it’s funny street rappers get in the game and usually stay out of trouble or at least resolve these issues without it escalating to aanyhing drake been genius with his dissed he plans them out times them perfect
    Like the cudi diss hate I’m drake all I want but that’s a heartless move
    But that’s what a real street nigga would do .. everybody wanna call drake soft but when he’s being hard and ruthless they wanna call him out for it

  • thatsjas2 .

    Yall know producers get writing credits dont yall?

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  • teddy t.stupid

    Real niggaz dnt take shit bac like dude said dey paid dat nigga Kanye he probably dnt give a shit wat Drake was go say on dat track#money talks