It Looks Like Freeway Is Back With Jay Z And Roc Nation

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  • 360selfWAVED

    I LOVE FREEWAY, but he looks weird skinny, now he a big head, small body ass nigga

    • ChiTownT

      He was sick for a min fam

    • d1gord

      Kidney disease

  • Dave

    Thats what im sayin man.. Jay up to something.. big… he about to end some careers on accident when he puts rap back on that plateau and gets rid of mumble rap for good..

    i realized listening to that future draco song the other day, that its not future that has talent, its his beat makers.. i honestly think future is praying that people dont read his lyrics on rap genius anytime ever..he is a complete idiot along with the rest of the mumble rappers that gots ta go..

    poor kids that have to grow up listening to this shit smh

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      Yeah Deez rappers these days know what crowd Dey dealing with nowadays. Dey know kids don’t really care about the lyrics & bars, so Dey ain’t gotta worry about Dem looking up Dey Lyrics. But When we were coming up, we used to look up or even print out Lyrics from our favorite rappers at Da time. Times really have changed. The beat really do be saving A LOT of Deez rappers nowadays. As long as it gets you rocking back & forth, it don’t matter Whatchu saying. & not to mention, you can be garbage, but be on Da top of Da charts for whatever reason & Da youngins Deez days will praise you as A “GOAT” due to your sales & not your skills. Da youngins Deez days have a Lotta Bullshit music Dey gotta grow up on.

  • #Worklife

    lol Freeway is killin me man

  • d1gord

    Why they askin if free still have something in the tank? His newest mixtape was like 2 months ago. Still spitting flames