Is Drake Gaming The Album Certification System With ‘Views’?

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  • yung

    dropped out of school now we dumb rich

    • Alexis Scott

      This sound like some 4301 shit

  • Boril Milanov

    I feel like counting streams as album sales is bullshit, I mean imagine if they did that with Justin’s “Baby” when it first dropped

    • Keifus~

      Well if you buy it thru a streaming site you now have got the album and that is a sale, digitally or buying the album in hand is the same thing, it’s an album sale right, so why shouldn’t you count it, lots of people buy albums now thru I-tunes, I’m sure if you were an artist your view on the situation would be different, just sayin

      • GV18

        I can only presume he means counting streams of singles counting toward album sales.

        • Keifus~

          oh maybe

          • Boril Milanov

            Yeah, that’s what I meant in the first place

          • Keifus~

            my bad i understand now.

          • Boril Milanov

            No big deal dude, we just had a discussion lol, don’t worry about it

          • Keifus~

            Sorry i misunderstood, thanks for not beating me up.

      • Vulqn

        I think he was talking more about Youtube counting. I think you’re right but they should only include paid services.

  • Chill Life

    The only reason they are allowing streams to count is because people don’t buy music anymore. And with all this monthly music subscriptions available and with all the torrents available there is truly no reason to buy music. Unless your a die hard fan of an artist you will support the artist by buying the album, if not you can get it for free of a torrent website or stream it on youtube. I’m not going to buy this album cause I got Google play so I’m going to have to wait 1 week.

    • Rew

      i lowkey hate the new way of how music is released to the public… if you want to hear everything when it’s released the legal way you have to have multiple subscriptions which sucks for the consumers

      • Craig

        but for less than the cost of one CD per month you can hear all of them? Uhh yeah ill subcribe.

      • Yourimage

        Blame it on the greedy music industry. I remember as a teen cd’s were selling at around $20. And that’s with cost of living being less then. It was only a matter of time sadly.

    • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

      I see your point. Crazy thing to me about this is the 3 songs were streamed enough that it equates to 800k album sales? I can’t speak for anyone else but thats ridiculous to me and makes no sense. Especially for someone that could go platinum without the stream numbers.

    • B.East Coast

      no . they allow it because they get to charge you for something you DONT OWN.. just like cable..TV.. lol. they are just trying to find out more and more ways to take away our rights to actually OWN PROPERTY.. just like u dont own your house.. u pay taxes YEARLY.. lol that aint your PROPERTY lol.. nope. its some dude in chinas property that u rent under the false pretence of a loan to own your own lol

  • Us Kzar

    I remember I would buy cassette everything..check the credits.. man it aint the same..but Hey times have change

    • Craig

      man I remember cutting school and running down to the CD exchange everytime somebody from wu-tang dropped an album. But the last cassette I bought was Ice cubes bootlegs and B sides… but only cuz I didnt have enough for the CD lol

  • CeoJdobine

    Birdman rubbing hands!
    Drake gets tour money from it,
    Wayne watch Baby count it up!

    • CMarley

      Aint this his last album on young money/cash money tho?..i think he had a 5 album deal n i think what a time to be alive counted as an album for both drake and future..correct me if i’m wrong

  • Ginsu

    70-30. 70% R&B 30% Rap. That’s just my opinion of course. But that’s my view on view’s.

    • Young Flacko

      Pretty on point with that. Think this more like So Far Gone, or more like Take Care??

  • Craig

    This is the way its moving now. I cannot imagine carrying a CD case anymore from my car to my house, to the office hell no. Now I carry my phone thats it. Ten bucks a month I got all the music I want all of it. You have to count streams because eventually that is all it will be. Streams and downloads.