Is Drake Dipping In Tyga’s Fling? [PHOTOS]

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  • 100squad

    His new name is “L” Tygga.. Cause that’s what he do.

  • BiggMike

    I can’t even hate.. Tyga be running thru some bad bitches!

    • RaDizzle


    • TKingLives

      Annnd a couple trannies

      • Craig


  • Astronaut

    I was gone tell HHE simping over these females but I cant deny she baaad to the bone. But remember Astronauts #1 rule.. Dont trust her if she has layers of makeup

    • 100squad

      Yea what he said cuh,…(I don’t crip) (or bang insert a just saying face)

      • Astronaut

        You lost me fam

    • frankwhitedc

      And a lot of instagram followers

      • Keith Shaun

        lol cant trust none of em.. like Wiz said, “i just want a bitch with no instagram”

  • black_mamba_fam

    He didnt smash…but guarantee Drake did.

  • JohnWiick

    Tyga was never dating this girl. He hit up that booking email in her profile. Whether he smashed, only she would know.

  • Frank White

    bet there will be at least 2 gay niggas commenting on this talkin about how “she just regular”

    • SlimJuve25

      so she is special cause she bought bigger tits an ass. then you got to think about what else was touched up. . that 1st picture that said kisses with no makeup i see nothing special she ight an thats with work done

      • Frank White

        -gay nigga

      • Keith Shaun

        she’s lowkey badd… fake body or not..

      • Dundada

        Titties look real to me, they got some hang time..and she is bad, tf wrong with you pleighboii!?

      • Matt Leon

        I’m with you on that one. She fine in the body but bruh, I swear in that first picture, she looked like she’s twice Drake’s age lol. The other pictures, especially the ones near the bottom, she looked pretty damn fine but that first picture kinda ruined it for me lol. She looked the most natural there which is not a very good thing.

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Bout time nigga stops dating women twice his age. Drake sus in so many ways

    • SlimJuve25

      “Drake sus in so many ways” thats the reason he makes sure someone see him or he tells that he is with a chick, a person with that much money should able to get with these women so why brag when you doing it so? hiding something much

    • Keith Shaun

      Drake be running thru hoes, if you peep lowkey…

      • SlimJuve25

        no need to peep lowkey cause it will be thrown in my face every few months a different girl alittle wierd all i’m saying, never seen someone go out their way to make sure people know he straight, people who really be running thru hoes don’t act like drake they act more like trey songs an asap rocky

        • Keith Shaun

          what way does he act? only point i was tryna make is dude dun struck a lot of other dude bishes off the low is what i was saying.. and for someone ppl always try to say is so “soft” and ‘too emotional with these females” it aint stopping him from knocking some of these hoes down and keeping it moving

  • Allen Smith

    We will hear about this chick with someone else in a few weeks

    • Keith Shaun

      like the rest of em