The Internet Went In On Young Thug’s New Album Cover

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  • frankwhitedc


  • frankwhitedc

    The fuckery is at an alllll time high


    glad i stopped paying much attention after slime season 2. what part of the game is this?

  • Dom Corleone

    This nigga…. I don’t even know what needs to be said right now. Lol

  • Astronaut

    Memes couldve been better

    • Mr_too_Kleen

      Really tho. None of em made me even chuckle.

  • Matt Leon

    I couldn’t stop laughing at these. The one with Young Thug as a Mortal kombat character is too hilarious.

  • james hope

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  • Ghostface-

    This nigga missing his daddy.


  • lmao @ the carwash…

    • rt

      yeah that car wash one caught me by suprise

  • Anthony Mitchell

    i see nothing wrong with it. Thugga been a weirdo since he hit mainstream so whats the shock? Prince was a fashion weirdo(and musically talking about sleeping with his sister) as well and no one went in on him. BIggy said ” you look so good ill suck on your daddies dick” and people act like that happen. But people go in Thug for being different.

    • Biggie said a line that was a little suspect but no one actually thought ‘Big will suck a nigga dick if they daughter look good’. Im all for inclusion in hip hop and if Thugger was gay and said such that would be cool but this gender bender shit seems a little weird to me. I dont get to much into artist outside of the music so its not that big of a concern but to each is own.

    • Craig

      The biggie line was just a famous punch line he stole from Richard Pryor so it wasn’t nothing to it

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      you reachin HARD…but ppl will justify anything

      • Anthony Mitchell

        Didn’t reach at all. Everything I said was fact you non profile pic having motherfucker.

    • Mec-One

      Prince kept a bad chick on deck at all times …… plus he was a musical genius ….. we can forgive the fashion for that

  • mrmiddl

    Hahaha damn shame. Fuckin Atlanta clowns

  • GoLLUm


  • RDobbz

    I stood next to him back stage not to long ago….I didn’t even say anything to em cuz i thought about the clothes this nigga be wearing and it made it weird lol…that was my honest thought.

  • Myleage


  • Mr.Weed_Wacker

    Lmao thank you young thug

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    • swagchef

      You got purple actavis? I thought it was a drought!

  • kush koma.

    carwash one the best lol


    The cake decorator onee

  • ToneM0NTANA

    Noooo the Mulan one tho!! lmao

  • ShaaBaaZ

    Carwash made my day…damn…

  • Doodoo Browns

    Operation black man extinction in full effect damn smfh

  • ToneM0NTANA

    Noooo the Mulan one tho! Lmao

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  • Michael Patrick

    He needs to remove thug from his name right now

  • Barack Dickson

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