Images Of James Harden’s First Signature Shoe Have Leaked

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  • ChiCity300

    haha the comments funny

  • Mike Blackson


  • Astronaut

    Look like James Harden pulled this out of his beard. Edward Scissor hands need to get ahold of these mfs. Need sell this shit to the feds they can replace they guns with this and start smacking niggas with this shiit. Bra you dont even have to step on these to have a nigga moment cuz we already kno your self esteem is hit. You give your kids these shoes for Christmas they gone hate you for life. Got damn. The new definition of “what are thoooose” id make my kids wear these as punishment. Id hide my blunts in these mfs. Shoes are just as valuable as Hercule in a DBZ episode. Damn im done.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      No mas. Lmmfao

    • Craig


    • Mec-One

      You know it’s serious when DBZ gets a reference lol

    • Astronaut

      Bitches look like they’ve been cremated

  • ilikemusic.

    LMFAOOOOOO yo the internet is the savagest place on the planet.

    • Frank Reynolds


      • ilikemusic.


  • Stefan Lang

    Lmaoo nigga put the monopoly shoe im fucking crying

  • That can’t be the shoe. It just can’t. That shit make me want to learn a new big ass word to disrespect the atrocities that combined to make this shoe.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Mane what, this nigga made some D’Jango Unchainedz. Shits look like some Free Mason Limited Edition Timbs

  • weeday420

    this nigga obviously gave no fucks didnt want any type of sales for his shoe walked into addias and said put a 60’s leather jacket on my shoe

    • Craig

      They for playing basketball in the snow.

  • NaZe

    man those cant be real

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Kanye was behind this

  • Craig

    James Harden’s on sale at home depot.

  • VBucci

    I bet yall niggas hating on a pair of yeezys, lamefucks

    • Mec-One

      Yeezys, nope …. Boosts, yup

    • RanOffOnThePlug

      i dont want to wear shoes by a man who’s had fingers in his asshole

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    adidas gotta chill

  • Johnny Doe

    Nigga them jawns look like the SpongeBob 11’s

  • RanOffOnThePlug

    the boot from monopoly looks better then these shoes

  • cflip

    People gotta chill and wait for the official unveiling, these are obviously prototypes.

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    wtf lol these basketbal players be thinking first stephanie curry klay thompson and now him

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  • Supreme Trunks

    Lol the waiter at Chili’s was lethal though

    • yung

      lethal weapon 5

  • yung


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