ILoveMakonnen Is Trying To Reach Out To Drake

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  • n0kturnal

    Nigga is washed up. Time came and gone already

  • Williams Bryan

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  • Countryside

    makonnen is ripped now but still ugly as shit lmfao


    Retired from what? barley been a artist for 1000 days

  • HotlineQueef

    someone tell Sisqo Jr. to sit the fuck down on a tuesday

    • sharon.rivera

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      • HotlineQueef

        i make more than you, you fucking nigger bitch. suck my dick you broke ass faggot. gtfoh bragging about 100k a year. fucking pitiful

  • Murphy Dickson

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    • HotlineQueef

      im giving ur phone number to the cops you fucking nigger

      • weeday420

        you should lol you didnt have to call him a nigger, my friend

        • HotlineQueef


          • dopeshitbringshate

            Fuck a cracker

          • weeday420

            you’re a nigger

      • 808 Kuro$aki

        Fuck the cops, this is some racist shiii, the fuck is wrong with you ??

        • HotlineQueef

          fuck you nigger. if u stick up for a fed then you must be the feds. so fuck you nigger

          • Switch x Monster

            are their multiple hotlinequeefs?? or is there only you? cause i see yo ass everywhere now -___-

          • HotlineQueef

            i know when my butt hole queef

        • HotlineQueef

          im also reporting you. i assume within 3 days you will get a knock on ur door. you black piece of fucking shit

    • Trabiscayne

      “This little piggy”

  • dopeshitbringshate

    Fuck a cracker bitch

  • Astronaut

    Sounds like my type of friend on the real

  • Kingquazy

    Anybody who thinks these plug comments are Feds, is a fucking retard. So sick of this shit on every article. They’re fucking international scammers and once they take your money, they will never be able to be prosecuted in the United States. Fuck man, educate yourselves. Feds are really the actual plug and have no need to peddle shit online to small money smh

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Nigga thought he could do it on his own. He just need to let it go, you made one hit and that’s it my nigga.

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    He’s kickin himself in the ass now

  • Daniel King

    Who cares man is trash how the fuck fools like him get a deal is beyond me

  • Dylan Millions

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  • Matt Leon

    Dude should stay retired. Tuesday was trash and everything else he made also belongs in the garbage with it

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