ILoveMakonnen May Be Dating This ‘Lil’ Rapper

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  • smith jones

    Omg Lol this is hilarious… I’m glad to be a old hip hop head

    • just another white nigga

      me too cuz. wtf.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Mane what?! & No Thanks HHE, we’d rather you post 1,000 more articles about the evolution of Drake’s farts than read anything related to these two assfacers. I only clicked this article to comment, fuck the story & whichever editor posted it

    • Matt Leon

      lol Ikr. So many things about this got me on the floor laughing. The pictures, the comments, the posts, the look of these two niggas. The pic of Lil Peep with that hairstyle that make him look like he’s the villain from some disney channel show or movie that’s trying too hard to get with the culture now and those shoes that this nigga stole from the trashcan of the nearest spy organization before he got to taking that pic.

    • 100squad

      Heard his buddy in butts even got his name tatted on em..
      It says heLuvManKumn

  • just another white nigga

    i aint got no hate in my heart for fags or nothin. but i cant imagine bein like “ay bro put on that gay shit!”

    • just another white nigga

      track two, you know, the one about suckin dick.

    • PeeWeeDaOG

      Bruuuuh Lol.

  • Craig

    What did you do… look what y’all young niggas did to hip hop..Look at it!!! If hip hop was a lambo you niggas just crashed the whip.

  • Food4Thought

    I have no hate towards gay people at all, but there is something about 2 men showing affection towards each other that makes my skin crawl..Oh yea and HHE don’t post no more bullshit like this..If you’re gonna do it at least do it with someone who can actually rap

  • Astronaut


  • Astronaut



    The end is near.

  • Land of the Dread Heads

    What the fuck bruh, if I die today thank you death, because this shit is……………………..sigh idk

    • 100squad

      Yea you know what it is, its ain’t wrong to call em what they identify themselves as anyways..

      • 100squad

        In my Riley from boondocks voice