Iggy Azalea Wins People’s Choice Award For Favorite Hip Hop Artist

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  • D.J. Ango

    This pisses me off.

  • James Januaryshottest Wilson

    but what hiphop comes out here mouth its all pop rock with a coon nigga rapping

  • Allen Smith

    How the hell did TI get put in there no JCole…

    For those of yall who are gunna get mad cuz she won don’t bcuz we all kno who mainly voted for this the “white ppl” n we kno who didn’t vote the “black ppl”. So really how could u get mad

    If u had to chose ur favorite lets say ROCK BAND who would u choose? Let me answer that for u, you would choose the Rock Band that u herd of bcuz we don’t listen to Rock bands

    • himynameis…

      People still vote for this? Iggy sucks and I’m white and agree she shouldn’t have won. You only listen to rap/hip-hop? That sucks man, Jimi Hendrix sure made an impact

      • Allen Smith

        I try to listen to different ppl i like sam Smith n sum other ppl but that other stuff i just can’t flow with i like soulful sounds also but i just can’t relate to sum music

  • White Jesus

    Would tap that ass once.

  • This year I’ll prolly go to the awards dappered down
    Watch Iggy win an Award as I try to crack a smile
    I’m just playin’, but all good jokes contain true shit

  • XLR8

    She beat out people more successful than her, yeah these awards aren’t bias.

    • Amuri

      Two Words: White Privilege

  • nunya

    Yea the white peoples choice gtfoh