Iggy Azalea Thanks Her Plastic Surgeon For Breasts And Nose

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  • Grey

    She can get it.

  • yung

    i guess she has to thank the other doctor(s) for her ass too

  • money

    I know French Montana is having fun with that pussy

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Word on ‘Rolling 13’ she can muthafuckaing get it.

  • BrodieThaGod

    I’d smash this bitch into next week, I swear fam. Wouldn’t wife the hoe tho

    • Astronaut

      Walk out smelling like BDussy. Booty Dick and Pussy- Bernie Mac

  • Spookeysmoker

    Man sad we teaching our kids to not be happy with themselves weak bitch but I’d hit it though lol

  • Astronaut

    She reading these comments and playing wit herself.

  • C.Savage

    Kush is always available

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Swaggy P fucked up.