Iggy Azalea Is Now An Underwear Model

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    This is a good look for her – she is still gonna have her haters but fuck it- money makes the world go around

  • TooDamnReal

    So long as she isn’t chatting her usual bullshit then I’m content

  • Phillip Narcisse

    Damn she fine stick to modeling and stop rapping

    • OhRyanT

      It seems like you have not seen her without makeup.

      • leroy jenkins

        it seems like you haven’t seen a lot of girls without makeup

        • Sean Peterson

          now that was funny,lol

          • Anthony McCoy

            That it was!!
            Lol had to look bakk and see if it were the original dude that started the thread
            I think that is what they call blindsided

          • Phillip Narcisse

            You just don’t get pussy blind side that

      • Phillip Narcisse

        Fuck make up her body is on point plus who fucks with the lights on aye

        • OhRyanT

          Men do, men.

    • elunicolupillin

      I agree with shell do great selling underwear and other accessories, shes just doesn’t have what it takes to be respected in the Rap game. Nor the lyrical talent…

  • JauckDaniels


    • leroy jenkins

      that ass is fat tho

      • CLOVER•

        Word 2 bro

      • Anthony McCoy

        THAT was the only reason i came smh :-/

  • Light Dat Blunt

    How df we supposed to see the back?

    • Anthony McCoy


    • Keez

      thats what we all came here for honestly

  • Dixon Yamutha

    That bitch has a strong jaw…

    • MDM

      Quagmire looking jaw

    • REDD


  • REDD

    tbr i cant stand hu frfr this trick aint even good

  • Craig

    this is what she should have been doing from the jump instead of pretending to rap she can for real be a model.

  • Aubrey

    please just show your ass… that is all i want to see