Iggy Azalea Gives You A New Angle Of Her Ass [PHOTOS]

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  • Toraji_ro

    From any angle, real or fake, I’d take it out the cat & beat that ass✅

    • Astronaut

      “Take it out the cat and beay that ass.?” Whats that even mean

      • TwoToolyWoop


      • Craig

        Lol bruh I had to read it twice like WTF. Sound like something kevin Hart would say. When he said he asked his grandad about getting some ass. “Aye what I do… you know what I did.. gave her that womp womp.”

        • Astronaut

          Lmao Craig u a fool

        • frankwhitedc


  • Gr8ness

    She’s a full on ig thot now. No complaints though cause her music was trash.

    • frankwhitedc


  • jurassicjrod


  • Craig

    drop the nudes before nobody cares bitch ya cock teasing bitch. She the type you take on a date but you can’t stand her by the end of the night because she lame and think she the shit but you still want to fuck so its worth the time. But if she stingy with the ass you cuss the bitch and leave her at the bar. Then you gotta hit up your regular booty call and scoop her up on the way home.. but you can’t stand her neither because she ghetto as fuck and talk to much but give head like a champ and act a fool on the dick ahhh man those were the days

  • Twiz

    Id pay $100 to listen to her fart on a walky talky

    • CDot


  • MacDre

    When ya music ass get to selling it.

  • MacDre

    Pure butter face tho. White Chick memes were hilarious for a reason.

  • d1gord

    Fuck it, I’ll follow now lol