Iggy Azalea Denies Having Butt Implants [PHOTOS]

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  • smith jones

    Idc I fucked a bitch from Chase bank with the same ass but a pretty face…post some real talent please

  • Gr8ness

    Who cares now days all these bitches got fake asses and in denial about it.

  • Mike Savage

    Frank quit pretending u ever fuck bitches u wont even be getting pussy with a name like that. + u look gay af

    • frankwhitedc

      It’s my real name . You woudnt even put your whole face on the pic. Long face football head ass . U mad cause this 63 gto icey, and u catching the bus

      • LatarionMilton


        • frankwhitedc

          Fuck wrong wit him cuz

  • LatarionMilton

    Does it even matter anymore? Everything today in the entertainment business is fake, from the bodies to the lifestyles. And some mfs love these fake asses. My boy be tagging me in all type of “build a bitch” post on ig talking bout “look at that ass” . Bitch be moving all over the place while the ass no movement at all like its connected to a video stabilization system or something lol.

    • Craig

      Like a bouey in the water. No matter how may waves you make that shit ain’t going nowhere. It just sit right on top.

  • Craig

    If this chick just kept it real one fucking time her career would have been better off. Instead she always trying to insult our intelligence. We wouldn’t care if your ass was fake as long as you kept it real bitch.

  • Craig

    Man this hhe app is worse than the writing.

    • Astronaut

      Stick to the website when it comes to the news section

  • yolkipalki69

    lmao i denie she a rapper…..or w.e she yelling in the mic…shit is not even understandable .