Iggy Azalea Cops To Breast Implants

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  • sosarozay300

    her hype is dying out this is great

    • Bob

      why you such a hater ya moms not hold you when you were young?? im no fan of hers but I aint no bitch ass hater.. get your $$ and fuck the haters, especially queers like yourself, you def broke

      • AJ

        Cuz she sucks lol

      • yaguy

        chill out nick young

  • ITS ME

    not a fan of fake tits but id still suck on hers


    Nggas these days are straight corny – why nggas can’t give her praise for her come up even if she has an accent when she raps even if she is white skinned -SHE CAME UP -it’s all about the money fuck boys

  • This Cunt Is Fake. Hope She Resorts To Making A Porno LOL

  • seandonjuan24

    iggy fine dont care what anybody say

  • REDD

    Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks Lol like I said……..fake ass wanna be Nikki minaj